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Feb-07-2015, 12:37
Hi all,

It has been a little while since I have posted here but since I got a mac computer for college, I installed bootcamp on it and I have started to reinstall my flight sims. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover and DCS World reinstalled quite well and are up and running. Hopefully I can go back on the virtual skies soon and fly some.

However, when I reinstalled IL-2 1946, the screen is off centered for the menu and I can not play it. I have tried editing the config file but when I try to save it, I get an error message stating that Access is Denied. Any help for fixing that error?

Also, I'm looking at modpacks to try but the furthest that I want to extend the years would be to the Korean War but no further and leaned towards an offline playing but with an option of playing online on occasion (trying to recruit some friends to join the flight simming world).


Feb-07-2015, 13:59
try this for Il2 46 mods and stuff


Feb-07-2015, 14:29
Welcome Back Buddy...~S~

Feb-07-2015, 18:37
Thanks Lewis for the welcome back. Not sure if I have ever talked to you on teamspeak before but I hope I can sometime soon. :salute:

Wow. I was looking at the screenshot thread from the link Saipan posted and just wow. I can't believe that the IL-2 1946 engine looks that good. It's hard to believe on how modders got a working (I assume) Super Hornet. When I last looked at mods, they had something going to 1956 and I felt that was extreme hence my desire to go to Korean war as the extent.

Anyone have an idea for fixing the problem with the config file?


Mar-17-2015, 21:30
Well, I hate to bump my own thread but so far I've gotten it patched and the settings for the windows size to work. Issue now is getting the mouse to work because right now the mouse just disappears from screen. This is a fresh install and I have no idea why this isn't working. (sighs) Anyways, thanks for the help for anyone who can help.