View Full Version : Another suggestion(for those with Nvidia cards) !

May-11-2012, 06:22
Last night I had a fly on server 2 ! Been a while since I flew here....not many on....Flew for an 1 Hour without seeing any thing....I was at @15000 feet,decided to go low and fly at tree top from "somewhere" north of Hawkinge back to Manston!..Framerate was fantastic ! Suddenly I saw 3 black Specs maybe a hundred feet above me in the "Distance" flying 90 degrees to my nose...I set an intercept lead so I could roll in behind them and "check them out"! As I rolled in behind them(still hadnt identified them),I saw gunfire comin at me and I opened fire on the nearest (110)! He exploded in a huge orange and black flash in front of my cockpit !.....Used up my ammo on the other two without a kill ! ...RTB...1 hour and forty minutes flyin without a hiccup and fantastic graphics....Thanks to Wolf/Colander/Bliss and all who worked on this "New" map. ~S~.......Later I was looking at my Nvidia Control Panel when I remembered, I have always kept my Valve(steam) profile the same as my WRC (Launcher.exe) profile......Its just a shot in the dark but if Launcher stops working(for even a split second) Nvidia may load a "Valve" profile which is going to change everything loaded to RAM very quickly ! ..... ....Hers my suggestion (finally).Ensure your Valve and Launcher Profiles are Identical in Nvidia Control Panel !.....~S~

May-11-2012, 08:53
I will have to check that out, does anyone use any settings in the control panel that are different to Nvidia standard settings, have to admit that I have never changed any of the settings, is it worth using performance settings for my low end card (nvidia 8800 ultra) which really needs updating.

Whilst we are talking nvidia and visibility in clod, does anyone find that they are harder to find in the new patch, i know my eyesight needs checking but I am really struggling atm to see anything. I hear people say stuff on comms like 109 high over dover etc but I see no dots when looking. I run at my monitors native setting of 1920/1200/60Hz, tried lowering it as some say it helps but looks crap to me :)

May-11-2012, 09:20
To this day patch or no patch, I have trouble seeing enemy. I see dark flack, I see the "White" flack, I see the direction it going, NEVER see anything in front. Tried pretty much everything, They usually do come into sight, (usually on my six) Dont think its my eyes, something I am still pursuing, theres an answer for all computer issues