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Feb-18-2015, 17:37
Hey Guys, wasn't quite sure where this post would come under, apologies if I've put it in the wrong one

I've been making IL-2 Short films for a few years now, constantly trying to push the boundaries, I've done a real life mixed with IL-2 40 minute film, various others - With it came the issues of making aircraft look pilot flown

I plan to make another Semi-Historical short film with 56 Squadron, following the real events in the final days of August of the real 56 Squadron. In order to ease up always having to create a server, I was wondering whether there is the possibility of having the ability to singularly get external views, if not in game, post-game when the tracks have been recorded (included is the ability to remove the cockpit for maximum filming flexibility). Sequences such as Squadron Formation Flights

If this is possible, the ATAG Server would be credited for it's support!

All the best
56RAF_Diddy Kong

Feb-18-2015, 17:54
Not sure if i totally understood you. There is alredy a External view enabler for those who request it on the appropriate thread (http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1782)

But that tool is only required if the footage was captured in ATAG server. If you record the footage on your own server or offline it is not required anything special, it works alike the old Il2.

Feb-18-2015, 18:12
Yes it was specifically for the ATAG server,

Cheers for the link, will go about it there