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May-15-2012, 18:40
Saturday 19th May 2012 Server Stress Test 21:00 GMT Storm of War Campaigns Server.


Hello all,
This Saturday we would like to stress test our server for our forth comming Storm of War Campaigns: Battle of Britian multi-sqaudron event. The idea is literally to make the server crash! There will be two air spawns - 2 Red, 2 Blue. These will be near Dover. There will also be a constant spawning of AI bombers which will get progressivley heavier. Infinate ammo will be on. It will be carnage! We would apprciate as many people as possible to attend. We are looking for 100, with up to 100 AI.

If the server crashes, please return in 10 mins or so annd it should be back up for another try. We have absolutley no idea what will happen!

Plese leave any feed back in the 1C post below including the time it happened. The time is important as this will let us know how many players and how many AI is feasable!

Many thanks!

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May-15-2012, 18:57
Now that sounds like fun mate.

Can I just check though, do you mean GMT or British summertime? Only the confusion is already beyond my ken if you like..........:Grin:

May-16-2012, 09:10
I'll be happy to join the test, it sounds like it might be fun :-)


May-16-2012, 12:49
it seems I may be getting -Sun- off this week . so, if able I will be there, 21:00GMT seems to be 17:00 EDT (eastern daylight time) =daylight savings time / EST...

May-16-2012, 15:36
Is this with or without the new Alpha Patc + HotFix?

May-17-2012, 03:59
Farber asked me to change the date of this event on the 1c forum to Saturday 19th:


May-17-2012, 04:09
Thanks Uether. Fixed OP.

May-17-2012, 07:12
Hi everyone,

I edited the thread title to May 19 as well. This sounds like a great event!


May-17-2012, 11:53
Just so you transatlantic types are aware, I checked with Farber and it's 9.00pm British summertime, so 3.00pm on the central clocks as you're still 6 hrs behind us.

I'm starting to sound a bit obsessed with this clocks business.......:happy

I'll let you eastern, mountain and pacific chappies work it out for yourselves. :Grin:

May-19-2012, 15:51
9 mins! :blush!: