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Feb-25-2015, 17:31
Hi guys.

When I use Alt F2 my plane begins to go out of control and I can't get into the cockpit. Bug?

How does one get an external view?

Feb-25-2015, 17:39
On the ATAG server the external view will not let you back in.
Is there just so you can see your plane damage after you landed.

Feb-25-2015, 17:41
This is intentional in multiplayer so that any plane that has no player as pilot is prevented from being flown by the AI pilot. The server would fill with AI aircraft otherwise. As far as I know, only bombers allow external view.

Feb-25-2015, 18:07
You can get external view with any plane on the ATAG server, but the second you enter external view the despawn timer begins and the plane will soon disappear; that goes for bombers too.

Mar-04-2015, 21:29
Maybe this could help you ;)


Note that Alt+F2 in my post corresponds to External View key in options\controls.

Mar-04-2015, 22:08
Map for "External View" - in Controls > Keys > View:

F-2 - for use offline.

Alt+F2 - for use online to return MG control for AI gunner.

Select the command "External View" and map F2.
Select again, click in New and map Alt+F2 (is created a second version or this command).

http://s29.postimg.org/6fttz1xzr/View.jpg (http://postimage.org/)
adult image hosting (http://postimage.org/)

Things will be ways more easy if this first "External View" line was called "Cheater - abandon your damaged plane for AI". :)