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Mar-10-2015, 18:27
hey guys what is a good starter package for this im lost as to where to begin

EDIT Don't worry about it I've figured it out

Mar-11-2015, 10:08
I bought an aurora ages ago just to get skin in the game. SC has been taking so long that I've forgotten all about it. My install went corrupt a long time ago and haven't bothered to redo it. So many vids of great thing to come, but just pew pew arena commander and nothing else to do, it's kind of frustrating. Don't mean to sound like a troll but WTF is going on with this game? Millions of dollars into it and maybe an hour worth of entertainment to show for it? Blah....

Mar-12-2015, 00:08
Thanks Freya I've joined Sc but I might get elite dangerous too just to get my Star Wars fix :)

SoW Reddog
Mar-12-2015, 10:00
Endless, I wouldn't get ED if I had the choice again tbh. It's still way too feature incomplete and quite frankly dull as ditchwater IMO after you've been into about 5 systems. All the stuff looks the same, it's repetitious and no real MP - I haven't seen another player since before the official launch...

Mar-27-2015, 05:01
I've tried SC also and I'm with Freya...it has a long way to go and it's just not even worth the time right now, I see great potential though and keep checking it for updates. I started with the Aurora starter package and also purchased the mustang but after a couple hours Arena Commander gets boring as heck. It's strange how things are with games and sims these days....Star Citizen, BoS and DCS World 2 & Edge, all of them...soon...all we have to really have fun and a good game is good ole "Cliffs of Dover", Thank you Team Fusion :thumbsup:

Cheers all

Mar-27-2015, 06:41
Your welcome.....and it's only going to get better :)