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Mar-17-2015, 07:10
~S~ All,

I had originally posted in General Discussions about a potential mission server to run on Sunday evenings...this highlighted that I have not been playing multiplayer for quite some time! I've since found that this was not the best time as there are other servers running popular missions at that time. This means negotiating more time on the computer, a delicate subject, with my fiancee!

However, before I take my life into my hands I would like to gauge the interest to ensure that it is worth it!

The Idea:

Cross Channel map:
I will set up bases on both sides of the Channel, with equal amounts of AAA and targets on each airfield. I will also create targets in different areas that are there to be hit at any time. This all sounds pretty standard so far...the differences (I initially thought, though some of this already happens) would be that I would create a base for each squad that enrolled to play on the server. Each squad would have the potential to create their own mission(s) to be run on an allocated evening. This would give each squad planning potential and could allow for collaboration and joint commands etc, between squads. These missions would then be sent to me a day before the mission was due to run, to ensure that I had it and it was ready to load. These missions could involve up to 9 AI aircraft per squad. This could allow for bombers to be added - and if squads collaborated could mean raids of 18, 27, 36 etc aircraft escorted by a squad of fighters. To ensure that all groups were present to escort the bombers they could be triggered by a pass through or after a time period.

If you keep in mind that Red and Blue teams will each have their own missions then there could be a lot of activity, there could also be one hell of a dogfight over the bombers. It's kind of a mix between the dogfight servers and a Co-op mission. When you also think that there are points on the base map which trigger AI aircraft, you may not run into a human pilot but you may run into an AI Squadron - but who knows what skill level they are. The targets would be up to you. The bombers may be doing something as simple as bombing Dover, Canterbury, London, Hawkinge - whatever. The other side will not know what the mission(s) is/are and they will be running concurrently.

I'm looking to gauge interest like I say, if there is enough interest I will try and arrange times. It may only be a monthly thing, but we'll see.

I have run tests with 79vRAF that have spawned many AI aircraft. There have been over 100 flying and there has been no noticeable drop in performance. It got to a point that we got stutters after there were more than 120 aircraft and Hawkinge was bombed - the dust and explosions hit the performance once that died down it was fine again. I would not envision there being that many AI aircraft in the server (that is why I am suggesting 9 AI aircraft per squad for a start off)

So, thoughts and ideas on a post card please. If you're interested that would be great, if you're not but have some suggestions that would also be very welcome.

Rough guidelines:
1. Squads of 6, or over, players
2. Up to 9 AI aircraft per squad - per mission
3. Each squad to have it's own allocated base
4. Each squad to nominate an aircraft type for their airfield - for example 79vRAF - Hurricane Mk I (100 Rotol) - this will be fixed.
5. Squads to submit their missions at by an agreed time to ensure that they can be loaded into the mission
6. Number of aircraft that can be spawned on the airfield will need to be decided.
7. Targets can be settlements, airfields or objects (ships, armour, aircraft etc). These can be placed by the squad mission builder
8. Squads can collaborate on their mission building to ensure a joined up mission and build up flights of bombers/fighters.
9. Settings for the server to be decided - i.e. full real etc.
10.Aircraft can be vulched, blasted, pulverised and generally attacked no matter where they are. It's not nice, it's not pretty but in 1940 there were no rules!

This is all open to suggestion/editing I'm trying to put something together that people want to do, not just impose my idea!

Mar-17-2015, 15:11
Love the enthusiasm, but i really ought you to get some time flying under your wing and then (dont get me wrong now) start with some simple missions before going over something that requires extra cooperation from the user side. We have those who strive to furfill the missions and those who just want to dogfight. And theres the ones (where im included) who want to do both, depending on the mood or how much time i have available. Sometimes a quick fix is all i can spare. All can be combined, thats for sure, but i must warn about AI - they take the place of a human player in bandwith and server usage.

Let me elaborate: The problem does not belong to Servers or the game engine. It is a STEAM problem. As you know all players must be connected to STEAM to be able to play. After a certain ammount of players in a given server (120-124) STEAM runs out of bandwith for the game and it stalls the connection. The result is a major lag during periods of time it goes to 5-6 minutes without loosing connection. Its odd, but its like that. When a few players drop of the server, reducing the ammount of players in the server those inside witness a influx of messages at the speed of light, where the server sends all the events to the clients during that ammount of time where the server (STEAM) has stalled the communication.

The only way to fix this is to get STEAM to allow more bandwith to CLOD, which despite many good will never came true.

In theory the SERVER could handle much more population + AI,but the problem is what i have described above. So i beg of you to go slowly and to take baby steps, so you get more comfortable with map design (+scripting) and do not get disapointed.

Im sure if you want to submit some missions to ATAG they will be accepted. Just talk to ATAG_Bliss or ATAG_Colander if you wish to submit some.

The best of luck. We do need some fresh missions :D

Mar-17-2015, 17:34

Thanks for the advice. I'll be happy just to fly to be honest. I got a PM saying that I should post the idea up here, so I did. If you want mission builders though I'm always up for that :)

I wasn't aware of the issue with Steam, maybe some pause for thought...I've not always hosted them through Steam though, don't know whether it makes a difference but I hosted them in the lobby in game. Probably not the right way to do it though!

I'll learn. I wrote all of that at work...I was bored! :D Once I get an idea in my head it always helps to get it out, or it never stops!

Mar-17-2015, 22:08
If you want mission builders though I'm always up for that :)

Please start. I'm more than willing to share the files of Relinquish to any new map maker to see how everything fits together.