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Mar-30-2015, 14:46
Hi all, new to atag server and clod. Been flying the Dora in DCS. Mate told me about atag and fusion mods and flown a few nights and loving it. My thanks to you guys for your hard work.

Been enjoying my self so much i wanna be here for the long all and find a squad to immerse myself even more.
Im from the UK and fly axis, preferably looking for a JG26 squadron if one is active as fav Geshwader but not essential.
I know the basics of flying and the 109 but open to learning and flying in a squad


Mar-30-2015, 14:50
Welcome, glad you found your way into the fun :D

Mar-30-2015, 15:13
Welcome. You will find something to suit your fancy even if it is just joining in on events or cobbeling together Ad Hoc squadrons. Have fun!:salute:

Mar-30-2015, 16:58
Welcome to the forum Coopes.

Glad to hear you're having fun.


Mar-30-2015, 19:01
Welcome to the community and forums Coopes....~S~

Checkout the 'Beginners Guide'...for info and tips...It should save you a heap of time in getting up to scratch.....and its a really fun learning curve anyway..

Beginners Guide Link Here (http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5058&p=52711)

Also try youtube for startup procedures on all the aircraft

Any questions then you've come to the right place....

Good to have you with us buddy...and remember its all about the Fun!!!


Mar-30-2015, 19:25
Welcome to Clod and the ATAG forums :thumbsup:

Mar-31-2015, 02:27

Jul-18-2015, 11:19
Welcome Coopes hope to see you in front of me real soon :D You have stumbled upon the greatest community of sim enthusiasts I have ever known never be afraid to ask questions in here for everyone want to make this the greatest true WW2 simulation you will ever fly.Read ATAG-Lewis Guide to Clod and the Universe, it will show you many things to get you rolling the right way soon and I am sure you will hear from JG/26 in short order.

<S> TWC_Fatal_Error

Jul-18-2015, 16:38
Welcome Coopes to CloD and ATAG ...


Jul-19-2015, 15:56
Welcome, Coopes! :IAG: