View Full Version : Sunday, 19th April - 12 hour persistent mission Storm of War

Apr-17-2015, 07:07
This Sunday, 19th April,
Storm of War server will run a full-day (over 3 missions) simulation from dawn until dusk of our persistent mission.
Event will start at 100BST (10 in the morning, UK time) and run for 12 hours.

The map, reconnaisance intel, aircraft supply and target damage will be persistent throughout the day.

More details, weather froecast and shouting here:

Squadrons are encouraged to schedule in their particiaption and likely readiness in the relevant team forums on SoW website.
Public, unassigned players are also welcome.

Apr-20-2015, 05:46
As a dedicated blue bomber pilot i loved this format!
Full server almost for a whole Sunday,huge selection of targets and recon targets to choose from,an active Blue Ground Controller who guided all to rendezvous and targets (I got an escort from 10 109s from JG4 and packed with other bombers from a Russian bomber unit http://kg40.ru/ ) We attacked Farnborough Hurricane factory from about 5000m and were escorted home for tea and medals excellent !!
Thanks for a good time and to all the squadrons and organizers ..


Apr-25-2015, 07:29
quite a lot of this footage is from the event last Sunday.