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May-16-2015, 21:51
Jubiläum/Anniversary Luftschlacht um England/Battle


Dear gentlemen,

some months ago i had a good idea to start a special event!

On the 13. of August before 75 years there was the "Adlertag" - the beginning of the Battle of Britain.
So i thought to myself, why not to start a special event? I thought of a huge formation of volunteer reds and blues without ammuniton. Messerschmitts, Sptifires and Hurricanes in a peacefull formation over the english channel... Wing by wing without shooting each other - just for peace and little bit of fun. So let's keep the thought of european unity alive and fly for the goal that there never will be a war... This is for remembering our fathers, grandfathers... and so on...

Honestly I am not the man for organizing such a event because i have no skills in doing this stuff...
(It's vacation time on the 13. of August... :? )

I want to know what you think about my idea? Please tell me :)

best regards from Germany
Staffelführer 3. Staffel Jagdgeschwader 4,
Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier Lebano

Jun-18-2015, 00:13
I think you have a very good idea and it is easy to see you have a good heart. Hopefully maybe someone will step up and help you achieve this. Sorry but I am in the same boat as you, I know nothing of organizing a Fly In like this. Good luck. I will try to attend if it materializes.