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Jun-14-2012, 18:12
Install procedures:

****For windows 7 / vista users DO NOT install the game into your program files folders. Make a folder somewhere in the root of your C:\ directory (Mine is labeled C:\Games)****

Start off with the 46 dvd or steam version and fire up the game to find our your current version. Install in this order: (IL246 dvd) - 4.08m - 4.09m - 4.09m skins- 4.10 - 4.10.1 - (then save entire folder / make a back up copy because this is the latest official vanilla) - (now for the mods!) install UP (ultrapack) 3.0 - and finally UP 3.0RC4

Do not install 4.11 or 4.11.1 (official patch) with UP 3.0! Leave it standalone. You can either have 4.11.1 vanilla or 4.10.1 modded (w/ UP 3.0RC4)

All patches install quite easily. Simply click the file you downloaded (an .exe) and point it to IL2 installation location.

Links for downloads: (listed in correct install order)

4.08m - http://www.gamefront.com/files/service/thankyou?id=6690212
4.09m - www.myotherdrive.com/dyn/dl/765.305317.01102009.17612.6a64fi/409m.exe (http://www.myotherdrive.com/dyn/dl/765.305317.01102009.17612.6a64fi/409m.exe)
4.09m skins - www.myotherdrive.com/dyn/dl/843.511517.01102009.97309.6a65fi/skins409m.exe (http://www.myotherdrive.com/dyn/dl/843.511517.01102009.97309.6a65fi/skins409m.exe)
4.10m (click on the mirror link) - http://dlh.net/cgi-bin/dlp.cgi?lang=&sys=pc&file=il2_410.zip&ref=ps
4.10.1m (click on the mirror link) - http://dlh.net/cgi-bin/dlp.cgi?lang=eng&sys=pc&file=il2_410_1.zip&ref=ps

At this time make a backup copy of your game (copy past the entire IL2 folder somewhere else) This will help when new versions of mod packs come out so you don't have to start your install process all over. You will be copying a vanilla 4.10.1m version of IL2 1946 for safe keeping :)

And now, finally, the mods:

UP 3.0 RC (make sure to keep all parts in one folder as this will install as one package even though there are 14 parts to it - roughly 9gigs)

UP 3.0RC download torrent - http://ultrapack.il2war.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=2

UP 3.0RC4 patch download (this includes RC2, RC3, and RC4) - http://www.gamefront.com/files/20612714/UP_3.0RC4_Client.exe

Installing in this order should have you a working version of modded IL2 (4.10.1m + 3.0RC4) :thumbsup:

Jun-14-2012, 19:32
It should be noted that if you get it through steam it is already updated to the 4.09m version