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Jun-15-2012, 10:18
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From BlackSix at 1C Forum:

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Friday Update, June 15, 2012
Evening gentlemen,

A very short update today. We’re continuing to work on the patch. It’s largely done but DX9 stability remains an issue so we’ve had a quick discussion a few minutes ago and decided to let it simmer a bit longer.
We did make some progress this week. On the graphics front, we did make a lot of improvements on the always troublesome DX9 support, and we also fixed a lot of smaller bugs and made some improvements to the clouds.
On the aircraft front, we’ve done virtually everything we wanted to do, and we’re now working on improving the AI FM, especially focusing on removing controls flicker and the barnstorming maneuvers. Most of this work is, of course, based on the very helpful reports and suggestions from the community.
We’re hoping that we’ll have a playable stable version of the patch ready very soon.

Have a great weekend!
1С:MG, Mission Designer & Community Manager

Jun-15-2012, 10:24
I'm glad B6 made specific mention of the clouds. If it's possible to have large(er) cloud formations on our Server without killing everyone's frame rates -- that will completely change the dynamics of this sim.

It will be like playing Quake in the city vs on the open prairies! :runaway::hiding:


Jun-15-2012, 11:20
DX9... who needs that ffs.:angry:

Jun-15-2012, 11:31
DX9... who needs that ffs.:angry:

Sadly, all the proud owners of an XP machine.

Jun-15-2012, 11:36
As Luthier himself said, the majority of DX9 users are the Eastern European market using pirated versions of XP. If MG has to honour their commitment to support DX9, I wish they would simply have 2 versions of Cliffs of Dover: CoD 'regular" which is DX9 compatible, and CoD "enhanced" for DX10/11 and any future sequels.

For DX9 version they could fix Comms, AI, Campaigns, and be done with it. Full attention could be given the "enhanced" version without being hamstrung by DX9.

Jun-15-2012, 13:35

Thank you for the update! :thumbsup:



Jun-15-2012, 15:22
DX9 support...

The first upgrade Luthier reccomends is to delete XP and upgrade to Win7

Jun-15-2012, 15:29
We should as for Iphone and droid support too :bgsmile:

Jun-16-2012, 04:15
And what about spectrum zx support?:blush!:

Jun-17-2012, 04:23
And what about spectrum zx support?:blush!:

16K or 48K?


My opinion to 1c I expressed (last time), so this time, silence is gold....

Although it needs to be said that, the other points they are working upon (AI) are very good news!
As long as it does not take them "2 weeks" to put a final patch together, I will be happy....


Jun-18-2012, 06:07
With the unfinished Cliffs of Dover; 777 practicaly abandoning fixing FMs for Rise of Flight and still very buggy Iron front44 I think I will take a huge break from sims....

Jun-19-2012, 12:50
With the unfinished Cliffs of Dover; 777 practicaly abandoning fixing FMs for Rise of Flight and still very buggy Iron front44 I think I will take a huge break from sims....

Yes the only relief is to not play. Seems they (devs & distributors) focus on the next "put name here" release rather than any kind of long term support. As long as people keep purchasing new titles, there is no reason to bother with putting time and money into an existing release, as there will be no further income only expenses.

The only long term support in games are the online only games, like aces high, life for speed and such, since the only way they can survive is to continue to support their creation, though their development speed is very very very slow. Which is not what most consumers want, they want something new and they want it yesterday, and they are willing to pay high prices for it.

M$ taught the software world how human physiology supports crappy products. Release a crappy product, then come out with version 2 claiming all is fixed and much better, then as people get sick of all the problems with version 2, come out with version 3, the improved version with all problems fixed, then when people get sick of version 3, come out with version 4, the more improved with all the old problems fixed and only new problems, so when people get sick of version 4, come out with version 5, the ultimate more improved with all the old and new problems fixed. It is a never ending story, and will not change until the consumers change, but by now the consumers have been brainwashed into thinking that is the only way things work, despite Linux which is more of a rolling release rather than a version release product. Just like aces high and live for speed and such are rolling releases.

M$ has simply set the bar on how to screw people out of as much money as possible, a business platform that has been copied by their partners in crime, the gaming industry, sell the same broken product over and over again to the same people until they stop buying it, then reinvent repeat and rewash. The real problem is the monopoly m$ has been allowed to build and maintain, until that monopoly is quashed, it will never change. It really is not M$'s fault or the gaming industries fault, that is how they make the most money, the real fault is that the consumers keep supporting that kind of business plan by not moving to a better alternative.

Jun-20-2012, 15:49
[QUOTE=Vulgar;.... moving to a better alternative.[/QUOTE]

Better alternative? Not many of them in M$ sandbox because another characteristic of their business strategy is not just beat the competition but annihilate the competion: buy them out or undermine them in any way. Remember that quote from "Sir" Bill Gates famous email? ""Do we have a clear plan on what we want Apple to do to undermine Sun?"..."

Jun-25-2012, 17:50
A couple of extras from Sukhoi....

And a question an Answer about Korea...

BlackSix, but could you, if possible, tell us what happened to Korea? it froze the project, or simply died, and whether to use achievements of Korea (Po-2) in the sequel?

Frozen and it seems that it's hopeless. If we can use something - use it.

Jun-28-2012, 05:17
I bought ROF Iron Cross but havent really flown it ! Whether you like ROF or not,look at their "Update"(with explanations) compared to "the "Updates" we get with COD !...http://riseofflight.com/Blogs/default.aspx

Jun-28-2012, 07:02
I'm going to have to fire up ROF once more and get it updated. :thumbsup:

Jun-28-2012, 07:49
I'm going to have to fire up ROF once more and get it updated. :thumbsup:

You betcha. :)

Also check out what the boss of 777 studios is doing this weekend here;


Now that's how to make a success of your software. What a top bloke!! :D

Think I'll get up early and get involved.

Jun-28-2012, 08:24
Wow, that's impressive! Hmmmm, 3 a.m. Sunday for me......that's doable. Gives me plenty of time to get back up to speed after a long absence. Will probably swap out the big Warthog stick for the MSFF2 Sidewinder. The Camel requires a fine touch and FFB is very, very good in ROF IIRC.

Dutch, give me a heads up if you're thinking of doing some online flying before Sunday. I'd like to suss out the online server(s) and TS channels to make sure everything is good to go. :thumbsup:

Jun-28-2012, 09:23
Certainly will. :)

I agree about the Camel, spins far too easily as per RL. Give me the Pup or the SE5!

Having said that, you can turn the Dolphin into a 'MF' gunship with the weapons mods. Six (yes I said six) machine guns, two of which are angled up over the prop so you can attack from below.

The firepower is awesome enough to make me want to fly it in Cliffs against 109's. 'Eat this Jerry!' etc.

Once you've updated, make sure you check the new 'sharper picture' option in the launcher set-up thingy and max out yer graphics.

Then go buy all the weapons mods. It's worth getting them all as the discount increases the more you buy. Not expensive anyway.

I just bought all the allied mods, as guess what? I always fly for the allies in RoF too. :D

Jun-28-2012, 09:56
Thanks for the info, Dutch. Will follow your suggestions. Now I need some serious stick time!