View Full Version : Do you have to have the disc in to play?

Wing Walker
Jun-16-2015, 14:43
Did '46 always require the disk be in the drive to be played?

For some reason I think I played it without the disc in a while back, unless I just think I did because I left it in the optical drive all the time.

Jun-16-2015, 16:50
No....I loaded the disc onto the PC..then put the disc away.....I'm not sure if it was done in one of the patches or was just the norm...I seem to remember there was something in one of the patches that made your game play without the disc......I think I only used it once...and you don't even need a disc at all for CLOD..

You playing IL 1946 now....Check my post with downloads for it...link below....All the links for downloads should still work as they are all mine...