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Jun-29-2012, 16:39
Ok, so we all know that custom skins (at least prior to this patch) have caused issues with stutters and such, but what is it that causes the game-provided skins from working online? I could have sworn today that I saw a 109 with a skin other than the Default, but after trying it out myself others still saw the Default skin on my plane.

I think Bliss may have explained this to me quite some time ago, but I can't remember for sure. I for one would love to see some variation in plane skins without having to use customs, I'm getting bored of all plane types looking alike except for different markings.

Jun-29-2012, 16:46
There are different stock skins, at least for the 109s.

Jun-29-2012, 16:58
Basically - this is my take on it.

Originally there was no way to disable the in-game skins from the server. It wasn't until the 1st beta patch that a line added to the server config shut the skins off. If this is supposed to work as intended I don't know, but that's the only way to shut off skins online atm. The downside to doing this is that all the static skins that came with the game always go to default. I think this is a bug, actually pretty sure of it. But the thing is, some markings in other skins will show up in the default skins. So I don't know which one's of the default skins will show different markings, but I do know that some of them do work.

Jun-29-2012, 17:02

So if some of them do work I'm going to do a test to see which ones they are. :thumbsup:

Jun-29-2012, 17:07
Wait, you said some markings do work.

Do you mean markings such as the ~ or - behind the balkenkreutz on the tail and the divisional shields? Or are we talking the actual paintjobs?

The 109 I saw today looked like the default skin but the side of the plane was mottled instead of just being the same color as the underside.

Jun-29-2012, 17:32
Not sure if this helps but, up to a few months back, I always flew with a stock motted skin without the yellow nose. Back then I was able to fly next to reds without much notice and even got shot at more than once from blues because of it.

Perhaps some skins do work and others don't.

Jun-29-2012, 17:33
Doc and I just did a test of the in-game Paintschemes, and only the Default skin appears to others. The plane I'm in, and the last plane that I was in (that hasn't de-spawned) are wearing the paintscheme that was chosen.

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Is this negative? My wife says I am too negative so I cannot comment on this .... sorry ..... but I would if I could ...... :ind:

Jun-29-2012, 23:08
Is this negative? My wife says I am too negative so I cannot comment on this .... sorry ..... but I would if I could ...... :ind:

Let's see....
You are negative and your wife says you can not comment so let's do the math....
No times No = Yes (-1 * -1 = 1)

So, feel free to comment positive things :D