View Full Version : 1.2 out! (Social/Planetside module) (also looking for AC wingman)

Aug-28-2015, 14:55
The social/planetside module just hit the PTU. Check your email, SC Players, you might have an invite. It's awesome! You can walk around Arc-Corp (basically SC's version of Coruscant, a whole planet covered in city) visit shops, the bar, dance and do other things with emotes, etc, etc. It's in an alpha state at the moment, so theres not much to do but look around, but it's very stable. We're not allowed to post screenshots or vids until it hits the live servers, but trust me, it's awesome.

Also, I'm looking for a wingmate for Arena Commander. None of my friends have SC so pm me if you want to blast some spaceships. (Just a heads up - I only have the starter Mustang - so not that good for much but bait and nuisance fire.)


Aug-29-2015, 05:07
Downloading 1.2 now.

Incidentally, a few of us have been talking about setting up a "Cliffs of Dover" affiliate organisation in SC for all the guys who play cliffs and want to wing up together in SC...


feel free to join as affiliate or whatever

Aug-30-2015, 04:30
Good initiative Philstyle :thumbsup: Im in

Aug-30-2015, 08:50
Good initiative Philstyle :thumbsup: Im in

After prompting from some guys over at SoW, I changed the group to this one: