View Full Version : IL-2 1946 + UP3_RC4 + DBW 1.1 map issues

Oct-05-2015, 23:57
Hi guys,
I have just installed DBW1.1 and I love it but I found two really annoying bugs:
(1) the mouse scroll button no longer zooms in and out on the map
(2) there is no Player Icon location displayed on the map

As much as I can live with #1 (I just click through zooms), missing #2 makes the game almost unplayable: there is almost no way to find out your current location and the way back home to your airport.
Granted I can always "autopilot" back home but it becomes an issue in case that I am either out of ammo or damaged because the autopilot takes you back through pre-arranged waypoints and, usually, through the worst furball.

I am sure that there is some easy fix but I cannot find it.
Any help would be appreciated!


Oct-07-2015, 00:12
DBW is old school IL2 1946 its based off UP3. The mouse wheel scroll thing was added later, to UP, and HSFX.

Forr changing the map size if I remember correctly you can only hit the left or right mouse button.

To see your aircraft you have to set your games difficulty level accordingly. In the difficulty setting there is a switch for "Map Icons" or "see only player map icon"

Something like that. Hope this helps.