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Oct-10-2015, 02:14
Hi all

Apologies for the silly question, but sorry to say I'm low tech and don't have a great memory. I'm blanking on this and can't find the answers which I am sure are right in front of me.

I've just successfully navigated the patching after an initial bout of face palming brought on by my not disabling my anti virus before moving on to 4.0, and now everything is lovely. Many thanks and a hearty well done to the team.

Now though I want a mission where I can just start off on an airfield in a Hurricane from cold and dark and sharpen all my claws before actually engaging OPFOR. The various options I have in the game however, all seem determined to start me off in mid air with guns a blazin.

So I obviously need to download a custom mission and I "think" I have one from somewhere (seriously, I can't remember where this came from. I've had "CoD" for a little while and never managed to play it.. long story.. and this file comes from back then.) but I can't remember what to do with it.

I "think" I need to go to "documents" where I see "1C Softclub", but the "mission" I have also has a "1C Softclub" and in fact drilling down into it, the first time I come to a point which isn't duplicated in "documents" is a folder called "bW-scenic" and inside this are files which I presume are the meat and potatoes of the mission I want. But in "documents", drilling down to "single" reveals no further folders, only files. So I'm guessing I don't want to put a "bW-scenic" folder in there.

Could one of you chaps take pity on this befuddled Badger and guide me through what to do with this mission file? Or perhaps this isn't even the best mission for me (really I'm not sure what this one is) and you might recommend a good one and what to do with it.

All the best

Oct-10-2015, 02:42
well you can start the game and use mission builder (FMB). just a few icons to place and you will be up and running. a simple thing u can do is a take off and engage 1-2 ai planes.....or just just jump into the deep end and go online.....

for FMB start the game then go to extras then FMB

go to file then select the map u want. then select view then object browser. select what plane you want. go to airfield and alt left click to place that plane. left click the dot and select the #1 tab then select that plane to be player. save file or you can select play mission. if you want some ai just repeat the steps pf placing the planes but you might them to start at alt with a flight path....

or just inquire about joining a sqd.. its more fun and they will always help new people.

Oct-10-2015, 03:07
Another way that might work is to select the cross country quick mission ( I think this has you starting on the ground in a blenny) and before you click fly try changing the Blennie to a hurricane.

I've never done this on this mission but am able to change aircraft types in some of the other quick missions.

Can't guarantee it will work but might be worth a try?


Oct-10-2015, 05:21
Hi Fatbadger,

There's a setting in options>realism for take off in missions.

There are some very good mission packs around.



You can use the Blenheim cross-country mission and select any aircraft, from memory there's a stiff cross-wind on that one?

I would encourage you to enter the dark portal that is the Full Mission Builder, it's a little difficult to pick up initially, I only know enough to make myself a few little test missions but it is very powerful.


Oct-10-2015, 11:49
Thanks for the advice fellas. :salute:

I decided to go with the FMB option although I'll also be having a look at those links thank you ATAG_Septic.

I'm not great at this stuff but this also ain't my first rodeo and so with the help of a few watched tutorial videos and calling on a little past experience with the mission builder in "DCS World" as well as a dim memory of the one in "IL2 1946", I soon felt able to have a bash at something very basic.

Half an hour later I was sitting in my parked Hurricane just off the runway (not where I'd put it..but I think I know why) at the airfield in Gravesend, being closest to where I was born.

One engine start later and I was taxiing down the runway to turn around at the end and takeoff toward the river. No idea if I was downwind or not, I haven't worked that out yet with the windsocks and boards.

Disappointingly I came off the runway on takeoff, despite being ready with the right hand rudder. I weaved left and right madly as I picked up speed and just couldn't hold that straight line. But I was none the less up safely and turning left up the Thames I of course (as is required by law) looked down, waved and announced "I can see my house from here!"

Switching my prop pitch to coarse as I picked up speed, I almost had a disaster next when adjusting the fuel cock. I watched two or three different start up tutorials prior to todays adventure, one of which was by Froogle and alone among those I watched, he said to start the fuel cock on reserve for startup and then switch to main tank in flight. This didn't make sense to me, as the switch position moves from Reserve to Off to Main, so effectively you have to turn it off briefly while making the switch. He did say you had to be quick, but I fumbled the switch and for a second or two I thought my flight might end early. But a cool head won the day and despite a wobble I was still in the air.

I headed along the Thames to the city and had a look at some of the sights. I scared the 1940's pigeons at Trafalgar Square and Buzzed King George at Buckingham Palace before diving straight between the towers of Tower Bridge, a stunt to be repeated many years later by an RAF Pilot in "I think" a Hawker Hunter Jet... but clearly he was copying me.

More than enough excitement for one day I headed west again toward Gravesend and home, where a textbook landing...was not to be had as I made a right pigs ear out of it. But it was good enough to walk away from and my Hurricane was still fit to taxi. So taxi I did and I finished by parking in one of three hangers I'd placed there in the mission builder for this exact purpose. :)

Great stuff, what a brilliant inaugural flight. :thumbsup:

All the best