View Full Version : Larry69 - PLEASE READ ASAP!! Lost relative from WWII is looking for you! OMG WOW!

Nov-08-2015, 21:52
Hi Larry,

Please check your PM inbox as soon as possible. I received the following message via the "contact us" form here on the website.

Rose Behrenswrites:

I tried to log in but could not. I need to get in touch with one of your bloggers... Larry69. He posted a picture of his grandfather Otto Behrens in here this yr. I'm related to Larry69, he granddad was also my uncle. Please contact me and perhaps part of a lost during WWII family could find each other.

Thank you!!

I've sent Rose an email back telling her I have sent you a private message with the contact email address.

This is unbelievable!! Fingers crossed your family is reunited!!!!!


Nov-09-2015, 02:39
Thank you Bliss!:thumbsup: Send you a PM.

Oblt Otto Behrens at the time he was with 6./JG 26. Together with Karl Borris they made the FW190 ready for the frontline. Right is Adolf Galland


Otto Behrens with back to the camera

http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r739/larry691/11951821_931851463560436_7800636369823413516_n_zps gdcnkhc5.jpg

..sit on the table


Nov-09-2015, 03:17
Wow - thanks for sharing Larry. Very nice photographs!

I also sent you a PM back.