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Aug-10-2012, 20:06
Made myself a Dieppe map in honour of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Dieppe raid. This HSFX 6.01 is awsome, I love it.
Feel kinda dirty jumping in a FW 190 A4 and hammering Blennies, Spit Vs & Hurri bombers but the flight models, graphics and sounds are just outstanding. I spend more time in HSFX than CloD atm. My maps are always action packed with lotsa AI on both sides to shoot (or be shot by...the AI is very good even at average settings).
If u are needing a break from CloD or at least somewhere else to go then give HSFX a try.

Aug-10-2012, 20:12
Feel kinda dirty jumping in a FW 190 A4 and hammering Blennies.


I'll have to look up the 70th ann of Dieppe and see if anything's to be commemorated. Everything's a bit lost in the Olympics at the moment of course, but the British Legion usually have something going on.

I did have a few spins on the HSFX sever when Watchman put it up, but I'm feeling a bit 'over-simmed' at the minute. Too much to choose from and not enough time........

Edit: Here's link to the Legion's site. Watch this space.....


Nov-09-2012, 20:29
This coming Sunday is Rememberance Sunday.

November 11th.

11th hour, 11th day, 11th month.

Just thought I'd remind you chaps.


Nov-09-2012, 20:36
Thanks for that, mate.

Lest we forget.