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Jan-19-2016, 05:23
Hey guys,
this is my personal skin that I fly in JG4. It was made by may sqaud made JG4_Kruger.
The camouflage scheme was designed by myself. On the skin there are the JG4 markings, my family emblem, my number: Yellow 1 (Squad leader of 3. Staffel JG4), the kill markings with Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves (for 60 airkills) that I got during a SOW campaign. All in all I claimed the number 86.:thumbsup:

Jan-19-2016, 06:16
Very nice skin. What the tail stripe mean?

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Jan-19-2016, 09:11
Thank you Barone. :)
The tail stripe is called "Rumpfband" or "Reichsverteidigungsband". It is a tactical sign which identifys the plane and shows to which Geschwader/squadron or which Front/scenario it belongs to.
The Rules for the "Rumpfband" were established in 1941. e.g.: Yellow was for eastern front and scandinavia & White for mediteranian sea and southern russia.
In mid 1944 the "Reichsverteidigungsband" was established. Every squadron had his own. Black-white-black for example was for JG4. This is on all our JG4 skins... ;-)