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Feb-20-2016, 17:09

On Sunday the 28th of February the Air Combat Group are taking a break from our current campaign to refly one of our greatest battles - Adlertag! And to make it even more fun we're throwing open the doors and inviting YOU to join in.

From 1900 Zulu the various ACG Squadrons and Staffeln will be mustering to fight for domination of the virtual skies, and we'd love to have the rest of the CloD Community come and fly along with us in an immersive re-enactment of one of the pivotal days of the 20th Century. We'll be providing waves of AI bombers to hunt or protect, real live Fighter Controllers* to guide you to your targets (and home again if necessary), and plenty of virtual refreshments. If you're a Squadron/Staffel we'll get you an airfield to fly from, enemies to shoot at, and a tale to remember. If you're a lone pilot we'll arrange a ride-along with one of our Squadrons/Staffeln so that you'll have an O/C to follow, wingmen to protect you, and buddies to toast your aerial victories (or lament your horrible, horrible death).

And once the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won, we can give you a copy of our 'Ground Control Viewer' software and the data files for the mission, so that you can watch the whole battle unfold from the Fighter Controller's point of view.

Since CloD only allows about a hundred planes in the server at once we have to stagger our flight times, so we would request that anyone who wants to join in the fun just let us know by posting in this thread so that we can plan sortie times and keep things running smoothly.

Other than that, we'd simply like the pleasure of your company as the mighty Luftwaffe and the plucky RAF fight it out to decide the fate of the world. Will the iron-willed Luftwaffe succeed in crushing Britain's resistance? Or will the brass-balled RAF manage to fight off the menacing invaders? And when the dust has settled, will Operation Sea Lion be given the go ahead?

Adlertag is coming, and your country needs you!

Sign up in this thread on our forum – no registration required! http://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5698

See you in the skies:salute:

(*You can see our Fighter Control system in this video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhe-G4rDLFE. We'll also be providing a similar radar control service for the Luftwaffe.)