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Mar-05-2016, 17:15
Hi and Hello,

Announcing the DangerDogz CloD server, running latest TF Mod.

It offers a base map with some red and blue bases, where you can try and take off in your favorite plane.
The mission will run for 6 hours, starting at 12AM in-game-time, untill 6PM in-game-time.
During that time, a random selection out of 67 sub-missions will be loaded into the map, at random intervals.
Most of 'm are Blue AI going for England, some are Red AI trying to strike back. (Sub-missions are being added regularly ...)

Basically, you will not know what you will encounter once airborne ... or even when you're still on the ground.

As for difficulty settings, we're quite relaxed ...
* External views are enabled
* Map icons are enabled
* Hud Icons are enabled

Some stuff is missing:
<TL (just have a look at the cockpit clock, it all ends at 6PM, do the math!)
<RR (After landing, pick a brand new aircraft, go take a leak and a fresh drink, some munchies and there's you're RR!)

As for features: For sure I've not read each and every thread/post on mission contents over here and/or any other forum on CloD, but our server could have a few unique and never seen before items:
- A German Minensuchboot laying mines close to the coast of Kent, and a convoy of ships running across them!

Mission wise, there's only one goal to achieve : to Have Fun!

To see the latest on our server and what's up with it: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/11528-our-clod-server-changes-to-the-currently-running-mission/

Oct-17-2017, 16:09
Server is still running 24/7.

Mission cycle is now down to 6 Hours, In-Game time it runs from 12:00 to 18:00hrs.

The number of sub-missions has been increased to 120.
So, basically, 120 different AI flights being randomly launched, so sure there is a chance you will run into the same enemy AI flight within one 6 hour session, but that's more of a statistical one than an actual chance :)

Oh, and if you like this server, then please consider donating: Dangerdogz Donate Page (http://dangerdogz.com/forums/donate)

Have Fun!