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Mar-09-2016, 23:25
Hey guys for some time I have been getting into race sims. I have tried Iracing, Project cars, and Asseto Corsa. I have tried them all online with the built in MP. so recently I joined www.racedepartment.com They have the best setup for a race community as far as I'm concerned. Its a great community like ATAG and has a lot of perks, such as being sponsored by Thrustmaster. If you love racing stop on over and have a look. They run all the latest sims, have scheduled races every day and have a huge MOD DL and car set-up forum for cars/tracks. If you want a great experience you should have a look.

Mar-20-2016, 21:49
Going to bump this thread!

Over at www.racedepartment.com you are able to join for free (for a month) with a Freemium account, for trial. Its normally 10.00$ a year (well worth it). I suggest if you like racing and want to be apart of a great community give these guys a shot. They have always been helpful to newcomers and have a lot to offer for racing sims.