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Jun-12-2016, 17:20
GhostSkies Command/Campaign “open house”


Im II./JG1_Heinz Shulte, call sign “Moxy”, and part of the GhostSkies team.
2 open house sessions, into it so far... The Axis, in our last session, and part of the learning
curve. Has used up 6716 liters of fuel, 39,953 rounds of ammunition, and 18 bombs. And lost 18
aircraft. Since there aren’t any free bee's in GhostSkies, its has to come from somewhere!

So I’m posting the Axis logistical “orders” for tonight session. If you use the “orders”, in conjunction
with the “Warmap” http://www.ghostskies.com/. And log in at Campaign tab, campaign status, PW axis_pass or allied_pass
(yes you can log in on both, all “intel” is open for the learning curve) and explore the web pages, hopefully a few things about the campaign, start to make sense. Questions? Ask them tonight.

So here,s the overall simple picture (intel) for the Axis...Fuel at Shoreham and Tangmere Airfields,
is OK for 1 more day?, I’m sending 9000 liters to Shoreham, the column will be near the AB, and “unload” next session, also Im going to ask someone to “ferry” up some fuel from a rear AB. If successful, the fuel will be available in real time. (OK Allies!!!!...I just gave away a lot of intel!!! serious fuel targets! But you guys have be using up fuel too. And Ive hit you twice at Wilmington, and I’m coming again tonight!)

I also delivered, 10 E4b's, to Tangmere, (their on the base), and “repaired” all the damaged aircraft.

Im also building armor and flak, just like in our testing/building phase..Im heading for Wilmington!

Now all this is costing “points”, basically monies...We have enough for now, to sustain operations.
(Im being conservative...for the consequences to the learning curve...but were going to run out of something sooner or later, at this rate. No worries...we'll get it with a ferry flight) and we also have 19,925 in the bank (depending on the stock market) So were good. For now...

So Axis/Allies/New comers...its “Open house” registration/learning curve time

Join us tonight
II./JG1_Heinz “Moxy” Schulte Gruppen Adjutant

The "orders"

Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@4
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3@11
Repair 6 Bf-109E-4N@1 repairing the planes
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3@4
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@4
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3@1

XY COLUMN_17790_AXIS_Chief 132819 200119 0 (MOVING THE FUEL TO THE AB)


MakeAircraft 15 Bf-109E-4B 10 7 (NEW AIRCRAFT DELIVERED)

MakeUnit 17 Flak37 15 (FLAK)

Move al21 am19 (MOVING TANKS)

For more info and links

Jun-13-2016, 21:35
The last week has seen the Allies take some hits to their industry and the stores at Wilmington Airfield. The main army group has also been taking some losses from marauding 109s. The increased level of Axis attacks has come at a cost to them as well though. Aircraft and aircrew losses are taking their toll, and munition and fuel usage are necessitating supply flights to bridge the gap until proper supply columns can make it to the airfields.

Sensing a shift, savvy investors are looking to bolster Allied industry as they ramp up production across the board for a planned counter attack.

Jun-14-2016, 21:39
"intel" and "orders" for Tonight

Come join us, http://forum.ghostskies.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3451

~S~ Gents

The situation has become interesting for the Axis tonight.
Since were flying on learning, open house, format. I haven’t “ordered”
heavily, But for tonight...I’m forced to. Factories, and refineries, are stocked piled too high!
Making their destruction very costly. So tonight their getting cleared out, Factories have produced numerous flak guns, and armor, The refineries, have loaded their fuel reserves into convoy's,
and are on their way to the airfields. Weve built ships, and they will be joining the gathering “invasion fleet”

Op-ords for tonight...Allied fuel.

Repair 6 Bf-109E-3B@4
Repair 6 Bf-110C-7Late@11
Repair 6 Bf-109E-3@15
Repair 7 Bf-109E-4B@10
Repair 7 Bf-109E-4B@10
Repair 7 Bf-109E-4B@6

ResupplyAirfield COLUMN_17790_AXIS_Chief 9000

Makeaircraft 13 Bf-110C-7Late 10 6

Makeaircradt 13 Bf-109E-3B 5 7

Move ak20 al19

XY COLUMN_17831_AXIS_Chief 102420 201740 0

MakeShip 14 Tanker_Medium1 10

MakeShip 16 Minensuchboote 2

MakeUnit 13 4_cm_Flak_28 50

MakeUnit 17 4_cm_Flak_28 25

MakeUnit 23 4_cm_Flak_28 50

MakeUnit 24 Pz_IIC 40

MakeFuelColumn 7 9000

MakeFuelColumn 8 9000

MakeFuelColumn 11 9000
MakeFuelColumn 11 9000

MakeFuelColumn 12 9000
MakeFuelColumn 12 9000

MakeFuelColumn 10 9000
MakeFuelColumn 10 9000

MakeFuelColumn 9 9000
MakeFuelColumn 9 9000


Jun-21-2016, 22:00
Fuel columns have made it to both Allied forward airfields at Wilmington and Redhill. A handful of aircraft were repaired to bring them back to full strength.

Meanwhile, a large flak group of 200 guns has linked up with the surviving vehicles of the first battle at Shoreham. They will assault the airfield and power plant while the amphibious invasion force attempts to land nearby. 6 transports launching 60 barges carrying 120 vehicles, supported by 10 destroyers for flak protection and coastal shelling.