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SoW Reddog
Jul-06-2016, 04:45
Hi all.

Quick note to say SoW will be relaunching in September with revised and new features, amended web interfaces.

In the meantime we will be running some large scale open tests and special events. More on these to come later.

For those who don't know about SoW, it is a 24/7 Battle of Britain campaign where all actions have consequences. Aircraft are tracked individually, assigned unique and in most cases historical Serial or Werk numbees. Pilot stats are captured in detail, recording kills, bombs dropped, Recon photo's taken etc. Registered squadrons have the opportunity to request a dedicated base to use which they can customise with objects.

Check out www.stormofwar.org for more information although some of the info still relates to SoW 3.0, not the 4.0 iteration.

Jul-06-2016, 09:49
I like!

SoW Reddog
Aug-30-2016, 15:12
Hi chaps,

Please see the announcement here http://www.stormofwar.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=4341 for a full (ish) list of changes and explanations.

SoW will be returning as of Sunday 11th September for all your immersive 24/7 campaign type needs.