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Oct-29-2012, 07:13
Are taking il2 too seriously, acusing others of cheating, about to throw your stick out the window? Then you need a break!

I suggest you purchase Chivarly medieval warfare. It's only Ј20 and it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Running around cutting heads off archers, receiving javelins to the jugular or having a 5 min duel with a good player this game is worth a look, I haven't laughed so hard when playing a game in a very long time :dthumb:

Oct-29-2012, 21:53
If you need a break, I'm finding these little chaps extremely entertaining.

The best one has a built in video camera, with a 2gig card, so I can chase the cats all around the house, then watch it all again on video.

Absolutely top fun, and as an ex-aeromodeller, I don't even need to go out of my house to fly them. Or join a club, or buy insurance. :D


They're a lot cheaper if you buy them from Halfords or Modelzone, by the way. :D


Oct-30-2012, 13:52
Heh heh re-live the crusades eh? Looks like fun. I'll bet the pope would have given his left nut back then if he could have sold a "respawn" indulgence to his faithful warriors. :)

Dutch, the prices on those helicopters seem to have come down since I last checked them out. Are the flight characteristics any good? The one that I tested years ago was quite unstable but it appears the twin rotor idea could be the answer.

Oct-30-2012, 16:53
Dutch, the prices on those helicopters seem to have come down since I last checked them out. Are the flight characteristics any good? The one that I tested years ago was quite unstable but it appears the twin rotor idea could be the answer.

Yep, steady as a rock in the hover and very precise movement. The one with the camera is a completely different model to the basic model and is better again, with very stable characteristics. While the one which has a daft missile firing system would seem more like like a toy, it's actually the fastest and the most manoeuvrable of the three.

I remember these indoor 'copters coming out a few years back and were a ridiculous price. These are such a bargain I bought four, and am about to buy another one because I crashed one badly, bent the rotor shaft and bust the balance bar pivot. Embarassing. :D

See vid here;


Nov-01-2012, 18:02
Nice point Krupi,

I admit, I took a break since January 5th (I was flying blue, it was embarassingly easy :hide:).

I put half of the time I was flying IL2 into my favourite martial art (Aikido), this means just over 700hours of training since Jan 5th, spent one month in the USA training, got my trainer certification,lost 10kg and now I need to wait for a few months for my black belt test.

I have to admit, I am grateful to 1c for the mess they created, thanks to them I managed to cure my IL2 addiction...


Nov-05-2012, 20:43
LOL Athos :D

Nov-10-2012, 06:31
To be honest, I never thought a medieval battlefield game would be my thing, although I use to play Golden Axe on the Sega mega-drive as a teen :goofy, & I do find the history and going to old battlefields & castles interesting.
I watched two 38 minute videos on Chivalry and laughed till I cried. but as well I was surprised at how great the graphics look, the game physics , the severed limbs, people screaming running around on fire, the choice of weapons. A great game done yet again with the unreal engine, its going on my list. :thumbsup:

Nov-18-2012, 23:50
Yeah, chivalry is a lot of fun. I thought it might be gimicky but I bought it anyways, it's definitely worth the 25$ it's sold for.

The first match I played was a riot. I'm used to these FPS games having some sort of cheesy CTF mode, but my team was tasked with burning down village huts and killing unarmed peasants. Then we took a battering ram up to a castle wall and broke through to kill the king (Not after having hot oil dumped on our heads).

Lots of screaming, severed limbs, and rolling heads. The game is full of senseless gore and silly fun.

Nov-23-2012, 18:38

And if you are bored with Chivalry, then consider this other alternative:


This is a mod for ARMA 2 COMBINED ARMS, which is a Zombie Survival multiplayer mod. It was rated best Mod of the year by many reviewers.

It is set on the Arma map, which is overun with Zombies, the population has seen a mass infection.

Players start off with a pistol, some food, water etc. They have to survive, must eat and drink. They can scrouge or find better weapons and ammo in towns or villages, but towns or villages are usually infested with zombies. These can smell or hear very well, although they have reduced eyesight. But if you make too much noise, you will get swarmed. Using a firearm will attract a horde as the following vid shows:


But zombies are not the only problem, other players will kill you for your equipment or food, there are 'Bandits' who specialize in killing off players, and you can starve to death very easily too. There is a fine line between trusting other players and whether or not you shoot them. Cooperation is very useful, but so is equipment. You can get a rep if you backstab.

The damage and ballistics are hard core, you can die from one shot, and most engagments between humans happen at 100 yards or more, Zombies more typically are engaged at close range with preferably silenced pistols or hachets.

Here is the same guy showing us a group on a raid of a airfield looking for supplies and weapons, versus some humans. These guys are killing any other players immediately, not trying to make friends. (video fast forwards at times)


Game requires purchasing ARMA 2 COMBINED ARMS, but the DAY Z mod is free.

Supposedly it is going to be released as a standalone game in late December.

Day Z site is here:




Nov-23-2012, 20:51
Day-Z is sick.

I herd that Day-Z has changed so much since it came out that it isn't like it use to be.