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This film stretches the truth a long way.

The facts:

- The Germans put nearly 1.5 million mines in Denmark... they were responsible for the mess.

- After Denmark’s liberation there was a meeting between Maj. Holland Stanley of the British army, a number of Danish officers and the German commander in Denmark, Gen. Georg Lindemann, at which it was decided that German soldiers with experience in defusing mines would be in charge of clearing the mine fields. Lindemann agreed to order soldiers from the German engineering corps who were already on their way home to return to Denmark and help clear the mines. Theoretically they were not prisoners of war at the time.

- The Germans were the best equipped to remove them... the soldiers used to remove the mines were mostly Pioneers who had laid them in the first place... not green recruits as shown in the film... they knew the mine's characteristics and best ways to remove them. To assign inexperienced Danish personnel would have resulted in much higher casualties.

- The Germans were supplied with former Wehrmacht tanks and vehicles to use in the removal. Whenever possible not removing them by hand.

- Unlike in the film, the mine removers were directly supervised by German NCO's and Officers, Danes were only the high level command.

- Losses were 149 killed, 165 seriously injured and 167 slightly injured out of 2600 soldiers assigned... approx. 10% over 2 years... typical casualty rates for wartime WWII.

- Yes, theoretically prisoners of war were not supposed to be used in dangerous tasks... but it was a situation created by an aggressive war launched by Germany... Sh*t happens.

Details including pictures:


Jan-12-2017, 11:36
It is correct, and this is why I never seen this movie. I have seen the trailer and figured it would piss me off. I am just too old for nonsense . WW2 need no added cruelty

Mar-06-2017, 00:25
Geneva Convention of July 27, 1929.

Article 32: "It is forbidden to use prisoners of war at unhealthful or dangerous work."

Looks like there is no shortage of apologists for War crimes.

Mar-06-2017, 02:02
We're wandering into a whole new minefield here that falls outside the scope of this forum. To be sure, a nasty and tragic business for all involved.

Thanks to all for contributing.