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Feb-03-2017, 11:46

As Luftwaffe commander, I thought Id post the current " Axis" "intel" wip map.
We had so much fun on Wednesday, and the lines had changed.
Of course Im not going to post publicly, Axis "intent" lol

II./JG1_Shulte "Moxy"


Feb-03-2017, 13:53
I salute you gentlemen.
That was indeed a bit of brilliance to have a pilot step into a tank and simply drive over to Wilmington, shoot up the last few units not destroyed by strafing and capture the airfield in the last few minutes.

I suggest you send a relief column (or two) immediately....:devilish:.

Feb-05-2017, 17:40

A little explanation of GS and the map in post 1.
As current cooperative commander for the Axis, during this non Dead is Dead training campaign.
This is a map I produce, (Im sure the Allies are doing the same),and post in GhostSkies forums, Luftwaffe pilots only.
In conjunction with the Warmap/Stats/intel website, this gives a Luftwaffe pilot, squadron,
the best "intel" of the situation, for the next and upcoming flight session.
GS is a campaign, and not, a win by completing an objective course, and rotate the map/day scenario. Its perpetual.
GS Pilots on both sides, do a little homework before fly time. Knowledge of past and the current status of the environment,
with, "How it works", and the commanders intent ( "op-ords") and current "intel" posted in the forums and warmap. The tools!
Squadron leaders and pilots, are free to wage war as they see fit. Add in "Comms" (TS) and were flying in team fashion. "To win the war lol".
GS is balls out, use your chops, all live,and potentially, most likly, deadly flying!
With as much "intel" as possible, for pilots and squadrons, to make "those" pilot, "life" choices.
But... what the Allies just put over the next hill,"I just don't know. lol" Sooner or later "we'll find out"!