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Feb-08-2017, 12:12
GhostSkies tonight!


Were flying tonight, with reduced kicks. A great opertunity
to get that minamal education needed to be effective in full switch comitition!
Remember this is not an "open server campaign", but a schuled, regestered, Axis "n" Allied (team)
Dynamic campaign.

You need to be regestered on the GS forums, and regestered to your side. Otherwise your not going to see
the "intel" from command, or get into the server once this goes full switch.

Well start tonight around 6:30 pst.

Meet at GhostSkies TeamSpeak. from there we'll get things squard away and launch.

Axis op-ords are up, at . http://forum.ghostskies.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&p=26559#p26559

Should be a hell of a night!

II./JG1_Schullte "Moxy"

GS teamspeak:
PW aaa