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Feb-28-2017, 11:03

We had a great session on Sunday! Thanks in part to some of the newer pilots attending.
Notables include Badger and Lipfert.
But like any other Tournament, it takes a bit of dedication and commitment, by its participants.
From building the thing, to Allied and Axis command dissecting the days events, preparing maps, "intel",
resupply, op-ords, to keep the war and pilots going, and to its pilots and all their "stuff" needed, to be the best they can be.

GhostSkies, its a tournament, its a competition, its a dynamic campaign, not an "obstacle course" to "victory condition" to rotate the map, single
mission.(like "open" servers) Nor is it a set of, single maps "victory conditioned", accumulated, to say which side won! (like Rise of Flight tournaments) GhostSkies is a "Campaign" in the real sense...What you do or did today, is on.. or not on, the map tomorrow. Nothing is trigger "simulated" (like so many bombs in a radius, its dead) you kill it for real, and everything on the map is "tracked" all the way down to the bullets you shot! (Fuel, Bombs, Bullets, even spare parts(RepKits) for the planes,, are all in/on the map!

In their production facilities, loaded on trucks for delivery, in storage on the bases for usage, and also in the planes!
And all this "stuff" costs! As Axis commander (lol) a hell of a lot of time and monies is spent, (udp's) which pilots earn, to keep this war and pilots flying lol! (Theirs a paycheck for success)...Gooly geeez, I even have to contend occasionally, with a damn "stock market"...(we start losing "our" war, the value of monies starts going somewhere...maybe Switzerland..lol)

As Luftwaffe commander (lol), I cant even give you a "Victory condition" to win this war, other than to say, deny the Enemies, ability to wage war. In whatever means possible! Hit em in the backside, front side, in the air, on the ground, out to sea, nail their resources, take their territory. Its war.

GhostSkies originally built a decade or so ago for IL2 1946, with a long history of success, now rebuilt for
Cliffs of Dover and TeamFusion's MoD (some kick ars), through HRCoDWar's awesome script! Currently flying on Wednesday and Sunday at 6:30 to 8:30 (2 hour session)pm pst. In semi "open server mode", with limited "Dead is dead" time out. What this all means, is were doing everything possible, for "You" to join the war effort. This isn't a test campaign! Weve done all that. Were currently into session 22. The campaign is intense for both the Axis and Allies.
A hell of a lot of things to shoot at, that shoot back! Including all live pilots and live man'ed tank'ers (darn Allies, are using live tanks and guns to nasty success)

So whats needed to get in on this for pilots

GhostSkies in full blown "Dead is dead" mode, of course, is completely pass worded, registered, Axis/Allied security restricted. But being new for Cliffs of Dover, weve lightened up a bit for you to get in, and get your chops together.

Flying on the Server: it has security...We see a lot of pilots trying to get in. Unless it (lol) knows you.. that's registration and approval, it wont let you in. Dont worry about it!(for now). Join us on TeamSpeak at mission time, Allied or Axis and well get you in...or register.

Intelligence: Flying blind in any war is not a good thing! There a 3 avenues to know what the hell is going on!
1st being there! (nothing like 1st hand knowledge)
2nd "The warmap" at http://www.ghostskies.com/
Its pass worded! but here they are... allied_pass or axis_pass (CAMPAIGN tab, little triangle for sub menu's
Campaign Status) Explore, check boxes, look at tabs. mouse over, This will give you everything, that's known about "your" side allied/axis, other that 1st hand "intel" about "your" enemy, and "stats" for both. Plus, back to "CAMPAIGN" sub menu's "How its works" and "Resources" IE Pictures, systems, all the "stuff" for and about the environment.
3rd register on the forums! Both Allied and Axis commanders, post up maps and op-orders about whats going on.
(Before every flytime both allied and axis do briefings using their posts...and try to get the posts, up asap, for their pilots to get a leg up) Here's an example of part of the war map and one of my maps, that Ive posted in.. GS Luftwaffe forums (also, not shown, written op-ords and airbase stocks/available supplies..."intel"
(ps Allies did you catch it?)

TeamSpeak: Have to be in communications! Lone wolfing.. squadron or not, in GhostSkies is counter productive to
the war effort... (fuel,planes,resources) not to mention deadly. If you cant communicate to someone over there,
they cant come n help you over here. Be prepared for cross channel whispers.
Were currently and temporally using ATAG...this is where the community is!
Atag and their generosity is the community!

Pilot Skills: GhostSkies does lead any pilot to, up and test their chops, to be the best they can. Its dynamically deadly out there in the environment.
Its really about what you put in, is what you get out. But GhostSkies is, "team" effort! If you can be "team", or learn what that means. Like in real life war, battlefield training and experience is the only way to know. (lol do you really know in RL? your dead, luckily this is virtual lol))

Registration: If your in this, or think your into this, register! Do yourself a favor, You see my Luftwaffe posts here on atag..."op-ords" "intel" etc. linked to Ghostskies forums. Allies do the same, but different.
With out regeneration's your not going to be in the loop!
This is a 2 step process.
1st you register to the site, and get an Email approval.
Once approved for the site, using your, "user profile", register for Axis or Allied. Allied and Axis commanders
then clear the pilot. Be patient its takes a little time.

There its is...see ya Wednesday come early, A lot of kimchi coming up the Allies backside
tomorrow. Cant give too much away. 69th_Sundog the Allied commander, "aint no cakewalk" ether!
He's be pushing up my/our backside for a while now, right up to my eyeballs.
Op-ords posting tonight..check the forums!

II./_Heinz "Moxy" Schulte
Axis commander