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Nov-27-2012, 06:14
I would really appretiate som suggestions regarding my little challenge here;
After a mission, if I am not shot to pieces by U guys of course :salute:, then a window, an overlay which I believe to be exclusieve to th ATAG server, apprears with information about the last mission.
I call it the de-briefing window.
I really enjoy this feature except for one little detail;
In about 95% of the time I am not able to enjoy it fully - my game/window (?) freezes;
I cannot scroll nor click on the Close nor the Utilis button...:(
I've tried with both SLI active and SLI off - no joy
I've tried with Full Screen, Pseudo and Windowed - still no joy

I always have to kill the launcher.exe task and restart the game (in case you guys think I am a sore looser... which I am not :salute:)
Does anyone have any ideas about this, would it be possible to request that these overlays are made into po-up windows instead of full screen? In that case I can perhaps manage to close the troublesome item without having to disconnect completely. I don't really expect you to bother about this if I am the only one, though, I'll still enjoy your server, I'll just have to disco' a lot... but, if there is a chance... your consideration would be HIGLY appretiated indeed.

It might well be down to my very old PC with two GTX580's, 8 GiG of DDR2 (!!!) RAM and Intel Quad Core clocked at 2,8 GHz.
I play the game without enabling SLI and my settings are at High, which gives me fps in the 20'ies.
Not perfect at all but one has to make do with what one has got.

Best Regards,



I know that in the example display there is no scroll bar 'cause there is nothing to report, it's jsut an exapmple, but notice (if you can) that both buttons are dimmed and they cannot be clicked.

Nov-27-2012, 12:18
Very strange. I haven't even seen this myself and so far as I am aware the first time I've heard of it. Hopefully someone will chime in with feedback that will be helpful.

Nov-27-2012, 12:59
Hi Tintin,

Very strange indeed. The window you are seeing is using the same window manager the game uses so if normal menus work, so should this.

It seems to me that you are getting a launcher crash but, as in many other cases, the "crashed" dialog is hidden behind the window so you can not see it unless you Alt-Tab.

Could this be the case?

Nov-27-2012, 15:11
Good point Colander, I just tried it.
I've attached a screenshot.
As you perhaps can see there is no other windows application running and the only process related to CoD is the Launcher.
The buttons are dimmed, i.e. the program (or that particular window) has frozen...:(
Shiesse und dobbelt sheisse!!:grrr:
Must be a freak combination of old hardware and ditto firmware together with my not so geriatric 580's and their current drivers...
Never mind, I shall just have to accept it I guess...


I DO appretiate all the work you guys have put down in you server. I enjoy it frequently although I am afraid I've log plenty more take-off's than landings...:geek:
Keep up the good work guys!!

Nov-27-2012, 15:28
Hi Tintin,

Ok, that rules out the "launcher crash" theory.
I have another theory... I've experienced my self that some times, after I alt-tab to do something else, the mouse does not seem to work in the game but if I alt-tab out and back in (some times a couple of tries) it starts working. This has to do with the "mouse capture" option in the .ini file(s).

I would try doing the alt tab test and if that fails, configure the mouse capture to "no" in the ini files.


PS: From what I see, the buttons are enabled.

Nov-27-2012, 16:21
Looks like you found a solution to my problem Colander.
I've changed the mouseUse setting from '2' to '1' in the conf.ini file (see attachement)
and after that I have sucessfully respawned 4 times.

Thx a lot!! :salute:

Best Regards, Tintin1185

Nov-27-2012, 16:27
A Tech Section to add all these to so people can browse them going forward. :thumbsup:

Dec-22-2012, 11:08
unfortunatly for me the above remody doesnt work. Changed conf.ini in soft club and steam. No joy. I actually wish i could disable somehow. I cant see any more stats other than whats on my locked up screen. Ill have to live with it i guess since not too many people have this problem.

Thanks anyway: salute: