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9./JG52 Prey Stalker
Apr-24-2017, 10:46
Hi Guys,

Now that the source code is open for tinckering with, I was just wondering if any Team Fusion wizards are still working on game optimization.

In particular it's things like the CPU core utilisation, clouds and large cities. These seem to place the most strain on system hardware.

Just thinking in terms of increasing the player base. With a few more optimizations here and there, an average gaming pc should run CLOD fine.

Anything that gets more people playing CLOD is good....


Apr-24-2017, 11:11

Apr-24-2017, 11:31

yes! Yes! Yes! He said yes!!!! :D

Apr-24-2017, 11:37
Well, the answer is "Yes, TFS wants to work on or is working on" to almost every question.
Will the "working" translate to "done" within the required timelines, that's another matter.
Some changes/fixes/upgrades might end up being very simple, others might end up requiring a code rewrite.