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Jun-19-2017, 17:58
So I find myself looking for somewhere to lay my hat once again. The community that I have played with for many years has gradually dwindled to the point of totally apathy and this leaves me with only here to fulfil my MP needs.

I'm not really a lonewolf type so much prefer to practice, play and laugh with a steady group so if anyone needs an old pilot that only really plays 'Red' (and mainly Blennies at that) then let me know.

Oh, and I like my Kipper with butter and a bit of vinegar while you're at it!

Jun-20-2017, 03:02
I think TWC are actively recruiting at the mo.

Always welcome you jump in if you see me on. That last blennie evening was great... despite all my "efforts"!


Jun-20-2017, 03:24
69th and 71st have decent bomber representation I think. TWC tend to major on Spits and Hurris but this could have changed now..


You could do the other thing - a casual arrangements with likeminded players. This has a number of benefits in its own right without the full blown commitment.

When I think about brit twins I can think of 5 or 6 regular players who tend to be about and tend to welcome the "promotion of squad activity". One of the best afternoons ive had in a long time was just Drock, and me in Blenheim's with Bondi mopping up in his hurri.

I'd certainly be up for some co-op when I'm fit again for sure.

FOR ANYONE THINKING ABOUT RIMMER AT AS SQUAD MENBER - He's a top notch blenni jock and a good egg all round. Highly Recommended!!



Jun-20-2017, 04:02
Hi Rimmer, you are more than welcome to look at our Squadron. Always helps when you have Boo's glowing endorsements and Highseas...........well thank you anyway Seas :)

Thank you for the endorsement gentlemen

CLOD is blessed with many fine, active and large Squadrons on both sides of the fence. Many will put you on their wing, share access to Teamspeak channels etc and provide a trial period so you and they can get a look see at each other to determine if playing styles are compatible. As stated, the Allied side has a couple of great Bomber Squadrons who fly Blennies in good number.

The TWC Blennie component is small. We have a handful of pilots who can fly it and will fly it based on Squadron need. We also have that obligatory mad nut who flys it exclusively (yes you Dave). We are building this flight, hence some of our more traditional fighter types are learning the Blennie to best support our mission.

TWC fly in large numbers, often in many flights, providing mutual support. The bomber aspect is a relatively recent development for us (except for Dave) so its an exciting time for that element of the group. We have a larger fighter component who will always support our Bomber element and where possible and available, anyone else's Bomber flights.

There are many positives to the TWC, but its not everyone's cup of tea. We like moulding others to our image like clay on a potters wheel. So expect training, expect a heavy commitment to flying in company and expect that "we" expect it 100% of the time. We don't win every fight, but we go down swinging, flying and dying together. With the TWC, your individual "me" times will be few and far between. Is just our way.

Also as stated, the Allies (as you fly red) also have some dedicated Bomber groups such as the 69th. Without these guys and other Squadrons like them, it would be a dull sky for all of us. Bombers add a great element to the game and if thats your bag, then I among many will be glad to see you up there.

You will meet them all if not familiar already with the ATAG server. Definitely reach out to them or us. These Squadrons/groups (rag tags) have many pilots happy to have you on their wing, provide support or simply advice. Even the most experienced of us, can do with a bit of that from time to time.

To check us out, go to our page below, sign up to the forum and say hello or call out hello to us on ATAG TS.


TWC have American, Canadian, Euro, Aussie and the odd South African (I mean it, he is odd) contingents.

Jun-20-2017, 06:17
Hi Rimmer, you are more than welcome to look at our Squadron. Always helps when you have Boo's glowing endorsements and Highseas...........well thank you anyway Seas :)


Jun-20-2017, 07:03
Rimmer wherever you go all these guys will treat you with respect and that is important, the RT guys are an odd lot or maybe that is just Highseas. All kidding aside Every squadron here is wonderful and I know you will be a fine addition .Also if you do like driving the bus Our new campaign server will have much use of you,since the map can not be held or turned without bomber pilots.

Jun-20-2017, 07:43
Rag Tags are a good bunch of fellows I hear. Young Seas, does taking the ' odd' seat at the mess table.

I reckon, the new TWC mission server and a spanking new Blennie pilot project would be considered fortunate timing.

If you want to join the maddest baddest blennie crew, I would be giving the legend RedHawk a bell. Some of the best times I have had in TeamSpeak have been just sitting back and listening to the 69th guys talking.

And if you can get RedHawk talking about his experiences flying a Huey as a young man, grab yourself a beer, wine, or whatever, sit back and be in awe.

Fatal is a legend to. Two of my favourite humans here. :-)

Pattle :salute:

9./JG52 Meyer
Jun-20-2017, 10:24
All the the above red squads are filled with top notch fellas mate. So i wish you well in finding one .
And we look forward to seeing you in the skies . :thumbsup:

Hals und beinbruch

Jun-20-2017, 11:47
69th is pretty heavy on red bombing. I can't remember the last time I flew but if you are on during evenings US central, mountain, or pacific time you'll see more than a few on. Just ask to join up on their usual 6+ formation blenny runs that run all night . RedHawk is the top dog. :thumbsup:

9./JG52 Pans
Jun-22-2017, 04:42
Well, it looks like I should officially welcome Rimmer to TWC; I hope you enjoy flying with us and I look forward to fighting alongside you soon!. S!

Jun-22-2017, 07:03

Hi Rimmer, well it was great flying with you the other night on the Agent Mission. If that's your kind of thing, the EAF (http://europeanaf.net/) are always looking for new members.

EAF is split down into different Squadrons and we are primarily European based, not only CLoD, but BOS and DCS as well although I only really play CLoD.

If you are interested, then please drop me a PM or I'll be on TS this evening.