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Aug-24-2017, 14:49
IL2 1946


Seems an age since we were flying IL2 '46...At the time it was the go to for a lot of Warbird sim fanatics like me...I started on this sim...I had seen my bro playing Microsoft flight sim on his PC...I didn't even have a PC then...Bought one just to play a flight sim...Then I discovered IL2...and then I discovered multiplayer...WOW...Was amazing to me....to actually fly with and against folks all over the world...I know kids are brought up on that now but for me was and still remains a wonder...I know a lot of you feel the same...Servers were full sometimes right through the night...Hyperlobby was busy with servers and CO-OPs...But going back to it now after CLOD is like taking a walk down a distant memory lane...The graphics look very dated...We didn't think so at the time...We had a lot of fun though...and was a good ground to come from...and I learned so much from it...Dogfighting, skinning ,TeamSpeak , Community and forum websites and the fact that it forced me to use a PC in order to do it all..You know there's nothing like learning something when you are having fun at the same time and can't wait to get back on it again...If I never touch another flight sim again I will still know my way around a PC just because of that sim...

A few skins I made for folks...


George Buerling Malta skin






Some folks could still make some excellent artwork from that sim too...


and then if you fancied having some fun you could always jump out of an aircraft while your twin was sat in the gunner position...






And then...THIS happened...


Aug-24-2017, 15:31
remember the days when multiplayer came into my life ... WooooooW My first real game was Battlefield 1942 loved flying P51 and played it a lot.
Remember, too, the disappointment Clod was when it was installed.
But!!! From all corners they came with their ability and stamina and gave us Clod back. Thank you TFS

love the past:D

Aug-24-2017, 15:37
Thanks for the trip down memory lane... I felt the same way about IL-2 as well.

I can still remember my amazement and joy flying the first demo mission for IL-2... the takeoff in the rain in the P-39. :stunned:

Believe it or not, that's what TF is trying to recreate... the same great selection of aircraft and the same huge community.

Unfortunately CoD just takes so much more time and is so much more complex... the models, the code, everything is a significant factor above 1946.

I wish Oleg was still running the show, still had the confidence of his investors and his professional team to back him up.

But its just us amateurs stumbling and fumbling our way through, trying to re-create what he intended. :smash:

We'll get there, just hope everyone doesn't lose patience in the meantime. :hide:

Aug-24-2017, 15:54
remember the days when multiplayer came into my life ... WooooooW My first real game was Battlefield 1942 loved flying P51 and played it a lot.
Remember, too, the disappointment Clod was when it was installed.
But!!! From all corners they came with their ability and stamina and gave us Clod back. Thank you TFS

love the past:D

Tell me about it.
I started building a full size cockpit with the idea of adding full size force feedback to it in preparation for Cliffs. I wanted to play so badly.
Now I don't even play :(

Aug-24-2017, 15:57

In certain areas I am sure I am, along with many others, 'pidgeonholed' under the heading of 'Fanboy' or a member of the 'Peanut Gallery'. So be it.

Some we know have gone in other directions having decided they can no longer wait for 'the dream' to come into being.

However, a great many of us have nothing but respect for the hard work and dedication shown by the members of TFS and we have every confidence that CloD will go from strength to strength. We are all waiting yes, but I for one am happy to do so and continue to enjoy this awesome sim as it is at the moment.

I am sure Olegs work is in good hands. Thanks to TFS. :thumbsup:

o7 :salute:

Aug-24-2017, 16:10
I was lucky...I don't have much recollection of CLOD being unplayable as I didn't have the system to run it from the release anyway...and then I went to work in Istanbul for 18 months and when I got back I bought the PC to run it proper...So I missed a lot of that stuff although I was keeping eyes on the forums about its progression during that time...When I got the PC to play it there had been an official patch already and the game worked...CLOD for me has all been good...I never moaned about it as it was released as almost a WIP anyway...so that was my story...

Aug-24-2017, 20:35
April 30th 2002 - my first ever IL2 screenshots and they're still on my hard-drive!




Aug-25-2017, 10:36
Yep, good times :)

I yearn for my P-47 :(


Aug-25-2017, 10:47
FoolTrottle the old UBIzoo mod and I still host 1946 missions Sunday and Tuesday nights UK time, CloD on Thursdays. Such a shame that the combat sim players are so divided into Clod, Box, DCS and 1946 (for us who like a lot of variety)

Aug-26-2017, 05:35
If it wasn't for my bro getting me il2 Forgotten Battles (which was incorporated into 1946) for christmas many years back I would probably have never got into flight simming.

Played that for many years on my laptop, never online though, with not even a joystick to my name, just using my keyboard to control the planes and using the easier settings.

Then I saw that promo trailer for CLoD, and being interested in the Battle of Britain era I just had to install it.

Unfortunately I didn't realise just how unplayable it was, and my old laptop would not have run it properly anyway, so I shelved it and went back to FB.

Then my old laptop packed up, I bought a new (better) one and tried CLoD again. Still it wouldn't play so I went to the steam forum for help, found out about ATAG and the patches and that was it, I was hooked.

That was about 18 months ago and I now have a more capable rig and peripherals and have made some good friends online (I am still not very good as a virtual pilot though) and I am, to quote ATAG "Having a blast flying cliffs of Dover.

Recently I have also bought and installed 1946 from Steam (it was on offer for only a few pounds) to try my hand at flying some of the planes that we haven't got in CLoD but using a proper set up this time.

Yes, the graphics do seem dated compared with CLoD, but it's still great fun, (even though the bombers return fire is far too acccurate)

Thanks for the thread Lew, those earlier sims are the reason most of us are here now :salute:

Aug-27-2017, 05:21
Still worth playing now with all the updates an patches over the years. It would have to be getting close to 20 yrs old now with the release of that first demo?
Never got to play it online as the internet in Australia was rubbish for multiplayer, its a bit better now. Missed out bigtime with that. A full 100 ATAG server with CLOD was wild enough.
Its one of the games that I have always had on my PC's over the years and have all copy's of the sim and a heap of addons ive gotten over the years literally at arms reach at my computer.
IL2 1946 and GP4 are my oldest and all time favs.
Bring back the GORE settings I say Haha.

Aug-27-2017, 10:09

Sep-25-2017, 11:22
Is anyone aware of public VPModpack servers? Most of the servers I've found for 1946 are either stock, HSFX, or UP, but I really like the content in VPModpack and would love to play online with folks.

Oct-08-2017, 14:00
I started air combat with Janes WWII Fighters and got hooked on it immediately. I flew online with a pretty dedicated group and did a lot of mission building for online co-ops. When I caught a glimpse of IL-2 and began hearing feedback from beta testers (I know, NDA and all that), I knew it was going to be a whole new dimension. Our group transitioned to IL-2 and we played it most nights of the week for several years. As with most things, people come and people go, so the group eventually went its way.

I, too, didn't have the hardware to be able to run CloD after its release and my general sense was that, even after years in development, it wasn't really ready for release as often happens with overdue software. Then Oleg left and Luthier and crew finally got it somewhat playable. From my limited perspective, it was almost as though the pace of graphic engines progressed at such a pace that Oleg's team may have kept resetting to take advantage of the progress, but at the expense of untenable delays. Fortunately, through the efforts of fans dedicated to the genre, CloD evolved to what it should have been in the initial release. No small feat considering the improvements were made without benefit of the source code. I knew when the complexity of the modeling was increased on the order of magnitudes, it was unlikely CloD would begin to approach the scope of IL-2 Sturmovik for years, if ever.

I still load IL-2 up from time to time when I want to fly in the PTO, particularly when I miss carrier ops. Sure, the graphics aren't nearly on par with CloD's and the FMs and DMs are far less sophisticated, but the playability is still there and the theater variety sort of makes up for it. There are aspects of IL-2 I find preferable to what we have in CloD (comms for one) and I hope one day to see CloD evolve into a sim with many of the same attributes that made IL-2 so enjoyable. Hats off to all those working diligently to carry on with making CloD the premier, IMHO, WWII air combat sim particularly when the object of our affection has been relegated to a niche none of the big software houses care to exploit.