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Dec-29-2017, 20:04
Hi I am a member of a loosely put together group flying all sides mostly on BOS, now I gravitate to COD and Beufighters . I like to get someone to fly them with me. All of our members got a life, so it is always a bit difficult to find a day that works. This is why we really is not a squad, more a pool of people acting like a squad when we fly together. We are not able to commit to other things in life except family and work, so we simply write a note here https://discord.gg/wGwemb when we want to fly.
We also got a interweb site http://216th.proboards.com/ .
Personally I really want to fly Beufighters and Blenheim with people when I can. I fly JU 88 and HE 111 and BF 110 if balance say it is the right thing to do.
When the wellington come, I might dedicate myself to a unit flying it.

9./JG52 Meyer
Dec-29-2017, 23:15
Hi Luse good luck mate in your recruitment quest. Good to see you back on Clod. Happy new year fella

Hals und beinbruch

Dec-30-2017, 00:25
Hi Luse come on TS I am sure you will find volunteer to join you ;)

Dec-30-2017, 01:42
216th is a well respected BOS presence with some nice fellas and good pilots 0

I wish you the best with recruitment Lus