View Full Version : 15 of September, 1940

Mar-18-2018, 00:28
Good documentary about "B of B" day - overall accurate, use sequences of BoB movie (1969).


Of course with the usual drama and exaggeration of 'history documentaries':

"2:45 PM... every available RAF fighter squadron is airborne and committed".

When in fact is "every available RAF fighter squadron in 11 Group is airborne and committed"... and meanwhile 12 Group "Big Wing" - led by D. Bader, are loosing time assembling a "Balbo" formation...

Interesting remark of Pilot Officer Tomas Neil - 249 Squadron at ~38:08, about don't see 500 enemy aircraft formation at 2 miles... and today "virpilots" want see then in the other side of the Channel. :D

Mar-18-2018, 08:37
Yeah, pretty nice, I recently saw a good one about the RAF in the Mediterrean Theatre, unfortunately I canĀ“t remember the title :/

Mar-19-2018, 09:58
Very much enjoyed this documentary - thanks for sharing. Off on a tangent here a little but since you mentioned contact spotting... I wish that CloD had equivalent contact spotting distances at all screen resolutions - I would prefer to run the game on 4K but cannot justify handicapping myself to this degree.