View Full Version : Dueling Server for Blitz.

Apr-20-2018, 10:50
Hi all,
I did not want to bother, but without a server Duel I'm sad...
There are files for the server duel.
On version 4.312, everything works well, in Blitz, these files do not work correctly: the axes and buttons fall off during the duel.
Tell me the problem please or share the files of the dueling server for Blitz.
Thanks in advance!
Help solve this problem, or tell me where to go?
Maybe I'm writing in the wrong thread of the forum?

Apr-20-2018, 12:35
Who runs the Duel style servers? Are these servers not on anymore?

edit: I see leadfarm is running - is that what you mean? or is that still at 4.312?

Apr-20-2018, 14:55
I'm made host duel server.
I want files for my duel server versions of Blitz 4.53 !
Share please!

Apr-27-2018, 15:32
The problem was solved. :thumbsup: