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Sep-21-2018, 14:15
Check out twitch for the live 'Tea Time with the Devs' stream from earlier today.

Arnhem map should be available this weekend for play testing by those who purchased 'Supporter' or 'Deluxe' edition of the game. Then shortly after for everybody.

The new map looks outstanding and there are lots of new things shown and mentioned in the stream.

Changes to the way the 'Logistics Section' operate and forthcoming 'Armoured' game mode as well as the US Faction (82nd & 101st).

Have a look. Really interesting stuff. :thumbsup:

o7 :salute:

Sep-21-2018, 16:59
That explains why last night a usually full server had only 20 in it. The others had the map! Good Intel!.

Sep-26-2018, 12:20
Ready to Jump into Arnhem.


Anyone who is a 'Sponsor' or has the 'De-Luxe' version of PS tried the new map yet? :thumbsup:

07 :salute:

Sep-26-2018, 16:45
I have the deluxe version. Though have still yet to play it at all.

Ive found myself somewhat sort on playtime of late.

Tonight though i removed lots of knuckle skin in the garage... decided to ditch the exhaust system and put a twin pipe sports system on the spitfire....

Most of it came apart easily... the last section? Pretty sure that section gave it the name "exhaust" system.

It's off now though. And the skin will grown back plenty fast enough. :D

Oct-19-2018, 08:32
Dont think I have the deluxe version and I was playing it on a Brit server earlier tonight. Interestingly, I played an Aussie server afterwards and it didnt come up (admittedly I didnt stay for every map in rotation.

I like it. Nice patch. What I saw of the new map was great. Grass is much better also :)