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Oct-11-2018, 13:26
Hi !

Is there any chance that Track Editor works with TWC server tracks ?


Oct-13-2018, 16:56
I want to know too
Is the matter very complicated?

Oct-23-2018, 08:06
At this time no the trac editor does not have outside views as they are disabled in the Server but the editor works you just only have the same inside view from your aircraft. If we figure out how to make this happen we will let the community know.

Oct-23-2018, 11:53
The online utility ATAG has that allows tracks from the ATAG server to switch to 'outside views allowed' only works with tracks recorded on the ATAG server.

Is that what you're asking about?

I have no idea how the ATAG utility works, but as far as I know the tracks are encrypted somehow and the ATAG people figured out how to decrypt tracks made on that server but the system won't work with any other server.

More explanation here:


We've talked with Team Fusion about the idea of building selective unlock tracks functionality into future versions of CloD, but so far haven't heard much interest.

Oct-31-2018, 04:27
that is what I meant
To that and that you can not go back on the tracks
Although that's TF's problem, I think
Recording a video becomes a really tedious task
One starts recording and the action is usually near the end of the track
I do not think that anyone leaves the simulator in mid-flight to give the button to record
I think a lot of advertising is lost because of the difficulty in recording videos

Oct-31-2018, 12:31
Of course I mean ATAG Track Editor.
ATAG Track Editor after some time give a message "Not an ATAG track" (or something like that).
I suppose that ATAG Track Editor have a simple protection to work only with ATAG Servers tracks.
But maybe I am wrong.
Only author of ATAG Track Editor could answer that.