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Oct-19-2018, 13:56
Dunno if posted already, search = 0 but any more info?


Oct-19-2018, 19:57
Dunno if posted already, search = 0 but any more info?


Would very much like a chance to see this... but have not yet seen any indication it is available on Netflix, HBO, or any Video/TV/Internet source.

So far it seems to only have had a small screening in film theaters in Britain.

Oct-20-2018, 02:55
I read it's being broadcast in the UK on Armistice Day, Nov. 11 on the BBC. Reportedly it's being looked at for U.S. release (and others) right now.

Looks very interesting, but since all the footage is from the BBC and Imperial War Museum, it's not going to have say the German perspective or anything outside of the Western front.

Oct-20-2018, 17:29
Interview with Peter Jackson here regarding the processing of the footage.


Oct-20-2018, 17:37
A review and details of screenings including the BBC


Oct-20-2018, 17:44

From this article it says it will be screened on BBC1 after the initial release

The filmed debuted at the BFI Film Festival last night, but will be showing in cinemas and schools across the country. This screening format will also include a Q&A with Jackson and film critic Mark Kermode. You can view the dates for the cinema showings here, and most seem to be this weekend. It will then be broadcast on BBC One.


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Oct-22-2018, 08:59
Another interview, with a a bit more footage and detail from PJ.


Oct-22-2018, 13:00
Another interview, PJ says they have restored over 100 hours of WW1 footage already for the Imperial War Museum, not to colour, but to the correct speed by using their computer power to build/create missing frames moving the footage from shaky 10fps to 24fps footage.
He reckons this makes all the difference to any of the old footage and the colour is just icing on the cake.
He says they have offered to process more footage as well for free if they have any or find any.

Bodes well for future doccies I hope on this subject matter.


Oct-31-2018, 09:14
For those of us in good ole blighty:

They Shall Not Grow Old - BBC2 - Sunday, November 11 at 9.30pm

See here: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/movies/peter-jacksons-new-film-is-coming-to-bbc-two-very-soon/ar-BBP9BMG?ocid=spartandhp