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Apr-14-2019, 17:40
I have IL-2 1946 from steam and i installed the sas ultrapack but I can't get it working and I'm trying to uninstall it. I deleted the file for the mod and have searched in the game files for all files related to it and deleted them. However, the game starts with the ultrapack startup screen, but then it goes away and it stops launching. I tried reinstalling the game, backing up files, running an older version of the game, nothing will work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Apr-17-2019, 14:53
If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL 2 Sturmovik 1946 and you send the game.exe file to your desktop you can then start the vanilla game without the mod enabled. Once done you need simply to start the game using the .exe file you have just pasted\sent to your desktop.

If this doesn't work, go to Steam verify the game files integrity and once done repeat what I wrote above. ( Before doing this delete any .exe file related to the game from your desktop so you will not get confused once the integrity check has been completed )

Apr-17-2019, 23:10
Thanks for the reply,
Unfortunately, it didn't work. The mod seems to in the .exe file itself, and so running it brings up the modded version still. It's quite weird :/

EDIT: found another file from the mod and deleted it. Now instead of launching with the modded IL2 startup screen I get an error message which says; "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.''

Apr-18-2019, 00:21
Sounds like one of those tricky little nuggets. Get those occasionally with many flight sims.

I can't offer too much help, as I do not own 1946. Is the game running through Steam or is it stand alone? If it is through Steam, is the mod one from Steam or from another source?

By the sounds of it the thing is that there is information being held somewhere that shouldn't be being held. Just have to find out where it is, and then delete it.
For example, check places such as all the program file folders in your, usually, boot disk for any mod related items. Also check your documents folder, I am not sure about with 1946, but with Cliffs there are sometimes files which can be stored in Documents.
If all else fails, you can select your "This PC" icon (or equivelant) in your library, and do a search for keywords, such as 1946, or SAS, etc.

Sometimes it is about finding out the reason for why the programs are acting the way they are, sort of like figuring out the PC's logic. Find where it doesn't add up and check it out. All the meanwhile hang in there for any extra techy people over here on ATAG, and also those on youtube, either you will figure it out, or someone will come along with the right info.

Best of luck

Apr-18-2019, 05:53
Ok if so better to switch to the " hard way" solution:

- Make a backup of any file\s that could be of interest for you about the game ( Custom skins, Keybindings, ecc )

- Save the files that you will decide to keep as backup in a folder on your desktop and give it a name ( Sample: IL2_1946_Backup_Files )

- Go to your Steam library and disinstall the game

- Once done check that on your computer there are no files left about the game ( Check the X86, Program data, programs, Documents and the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common folders ) *Note at your own risk: If you know how\what to do check and delete any entries about the game and the SAS Mod you may find in your system registry )

- Delete any kind of file you may find on your PC about the SAS mod or its files and then empty your PC rubbish bin

- Delete also any .exe file possibly left on your desktop about the game and the SAS mod

- Once done restart your PC and make a second re-check about possible files still left from the game or the SAS mod

- If you don't find any of them proceed to re-install the game from Steam; If instead you will find still some files linked to the game or the SAS Mod, delete them and then restart your PC one additional time before proceeding to the new game installation

If you have done all corectly at this point your game should be brand new without any trace of the SAS mod left.

Make a check that your game starts as it is now ( Don't add any of the backup files you have saved previously ).

If the game runs fine save a restore point on your PC ( so if needed you can return quickly at this point ) then start adding your saved backup files one a time checking every time that the game runs correctly ( My suggestion is that of making a full backup of the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL 2 Sturmovik 1946 folder if the game runs ok so you will have it available in case of problems )

If after all that the game still doesn't run as planned report here, thanks ;)

Apr-19-2019, 20:00
This solution worked!
Thank you for helping me out, I was really frustrated about this since is my favorite game.

have a great day and good flying!