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Nov-19-2019, 06:34
Help required.

Greek markings were used in Libya, as can be seen in this link:


.... These look to be examples of Greek aircraft using over-painted British roundels. How extensive was this use in North Africa (how many aircraft types used this roundel)?


Also, were any of the usual style Greek roundels used in North Africa (or even in Egypt)? I mean this type:


We might be able to include some Greek skins in TF5, so any help will be very useful to us.

major_setback / Team Fusion

Nov-19-2019, 16:47
Hi major_setback

Woop can give you answer to your questions.

Woop is:
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335th Hellenic Squadron is the first squadron of HAF (Hellenic Air Force)
335th Create in Africa in WWII and was flight with Hurricane.

Today HAF (Hellenic Air Force) flight with Miraze 2000, and in next image
you can see symbols on the aircraft. On wings and on rudder.

Left Click o Image

I am member of Virtual 335th Greek Squadron.
Virtual Squadron since 2001 flight with IL-2 Sturmovik 1946
And here is link of ours site:



Nov-20-2019, 05:13
Hi mate,

thanks to sw1ve for pointing me to this topic.

I had a made a post about Greek squadrons for 5.0 a while back, here it is: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41095-no-335-and-336-greek-squadrons-raf-tobruk/ with a few extra pictures.

After many discussions with more knowledgeable people on Greek aircraft in WW2 it seems that the Greek roundel found on colorized pictures of RAF No. 335 and 336 aircraft in N. Africa is largely an anachronism added by less knowledgeable people doing colorizations down the line. There is however the impression that this was not unfounded, and that a few aircraft may have been over painted in this way contrary to RAF regulations. There's a huge discussion as to the validity of this claim, however it mostly revolves around how the colors look in the black and white pictures (which of course differ from each other for a variety of different reasons incl. lighting, exposure etc.), and is therefore mostly hearsay. That being said, I think it could possibly be true, but there is no way the whole squadron had all their aircraft over painted, it was most likely a few isolated cases.

As for the regular RHAF roundel, I don't think I've heard of any being present in N. Africa. After the squadron's return to Greece, then yes, but not before.

Hope this helps.


Nov-20-2019, 06:37
Thanks for your response. If we add Greek skins it will be for reasons of playability, and we fully understand if these markings are of questionable validity. Thanks,

Nov-20-2019, 07:40
Any update on how skins will be handled in 5.0 btw? :salute:

Nov-22-2019, 04:20
Any update on how skins will be handled in 5.0 btw? :salute:

We might make some Greek skins, but I'm unsure yet if we'll get time. Sorry, that is all I can say.