View Full Version : Help please

Feb-17-2020, 05:43
For some entirely unknown reason my account appears to have been permanently banned at the SAS 1946 forum where I have previously been an entirely conforming member - I have had no warning or anything it just tells me my login is permanently banned. Hell I've never been banned for anything before, I'm a retired Judge for God's sake! Does anyone here know how I can get in touch with the SAS forum administrators to 'appeal' this ban as I cant even get to their help section - the only difference since I last logged on about a month ago is I am now using a VPN but I've disabled that and it still makes no difference.

If anyone here is connected to the SAS BAT forum please reach ou to me so I can understand what has happened or whether my account has been misused by a third party.

Thanks in advance for any help available.