View Full Version : New encoder board for joystick controllers

Kendy for the State
Mar-07-2021, 12:33
I just finished proving out a new encoder add-on board for joystick controllers. I know some joystick controllers have encoder capability built-in, but I've avoided it because it can be iffy. The joystick controller CPU can be to busy to service encoder inputs in a timely matter, and so miss pulses. This is why I've never included the capability in my controller boards. This new board has it's own CPU, which off-loads the encoder pulse detection from the joystick controller, giving timely pulse-detection, so no missed pulses! The board takes power from the joystick controller, and outputs 50msec pulses to the left or right turn outputs. The board also has jumpers that allow you to alter the number of pulses passed on to the joystick controller, so you can change to one pulse every every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th click of the encoder. Should have these up on my Etsy site in about 3 weeks.


Kendy for the State
Mar-18-2021, 11:30
Encoder boards are ready to go. Will be using these in a new Martlet landing gear crank handle, and will be making some new trim controls. I still prefer analog for trim, as it will give more accuracy, but I can see where an encoder would work pretty well for it. Push the encoder to zero the trim, then rotate to adjust.