View Full Version : Track IR hat clip broken

Mar-14-2021, 10:00
I managed to stand on my hatclip, not recommended, and break off one of the reflective tabs. Has anyone any ideas on the best way to stick it back on? A replacement to way to expensive. :s

Little Bill
Mar-14-2021, 10:53
I assume it is one of the two that fit down on the bill? This is going to be a tough one to repair as it is thin spring steel and the break is small. I can do TIG welding, but I am not practice enough to even try this one. I would try industrial strength epoxy, not the Five Minute stuff, it drys much too soft. And when you do that glue-up, I would add a small piece of metal to the joint while gluing it together. I don't think you will be able to do any clamping to secure and position the two half's, but you can use jigs and weights to help hold things in place. Good epoxy will take 24 hours to set up and 48 hours to cure hard you can handle it after 12 hours. I am curious, what do these hat clips cost?

Mar-14-2021, 12:07
From the USA they are around $8 but with deliverly it was something like $50!?

Mar-14-2021, 13:50
There are Trackir dealers in other countries that sell parts. Depending on where you are they could have more reasonable postage rates than Naturalpoint offer.


Mar-14-2021, 15:54
Or find a shop were they can 3D print a clip.The file for a 3D print can be downloaded here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1930447#files or for a cap model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:49142#files

This way I way my own ir-clip and ir-cap model. I didn't use a ptc.

Mar-14-2021, 15:57
Use a few drops of liquid "superglue" (cyanoacrylate), and before it dries sprinkle some soda bicarbonate powder on it. It does wonders. You can repeat to add a few layers for extra strength.