View Full Version : Circus Time event - Saturday 12 June 8 pm AEST (10 am GMT)

Jun-02-2021, 08:58
Hi all,
I have a bit of free time at the moment and have organised a Wellington outing to a mystery location in the Circus Time mission. I will be online at 8 pm AEST (10 am GMT) and hope to get a few bods along to join me either to fly the Wellingtons, have a crack at flying escort or have a crack at knocking down said Wellingtons and escort. I'm looking forward to enjoying a fly with whoever can make it. Hope to see a good number online on the 12th!

Jun-03-2021, 05:40
A quick correction re the time for the Circus Time flight. I inadvertently posted London time as GMT. The correct time will be 8.00 pm AEST (10.00 am GMT)

Jun-06-2021, 10:22
See you then :salute:

Jun-06-2021, 14:42
I'll be there!

Jun-06-2021, 15:21
A Wimpy for me!

and someone to tell me when to drop the bombs ...

Jun-08-2021, 16:40
Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that a huge Wellington raid is happening on Saturday, June 12 on the TFS #3 Server at 10 a.m. GMT/UTC. Check the table below for your local time.

This mission is open to everyone, both Red and Blue sides. For those wishing to join the Wellington raid, let us know at this link:


If you can't access this link, let me know here or pop me a Private Mail and I will give you access. Sorry, Blue pilots, no access for you! Best to stay on the ground and drink schnapps....:D

Oh, and for the benefit of my fellow Wimpey drivers, I will NOT be navigating this one. :-P

We also have a need for fighter escort pilots - come to the same link above. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


Snapper :salute: