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Jul-05-2021, 02:35
We're planning to start TWC's 113 Days Campaign (http://twcpilots.com/English%20Campaign.html) on Saturday, July 10th - 81 years to the day after the real Battle of Britain started on Juy 10th, 1940. We're planning to run it the entire 113 Days of the Battle of Britain, until October 30th--unless one side or the other pushes the enemy across the channel before then.

We hope you'll join us--and I posted some details about the exciting new & improved features of the campaign in a different post (https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35152).

Here--I thought it might be helpful to include a HowTo in our General Situation Map/online radar system. It is complicated and has a lot of information, but if you understand it, you'll be be able to have a lot of fun flying the campaign over the next 113 Days.


When flying TWC's 113 Days Campaign (http://twcpilots.com/English%20Campaign.html), or our other multiplayer campaigns, one of the main tools you'll use in the General Situation Map/online radar (http://brenthugh.com/twc/radar/).

The radar/observer summary map gives you an overview of the battlefield--and is a topic all of its own with much information and many features.

But the information area below the radar screen on the General Situation Map has even more information vital to flying in the campaign. It compresses a whole lot of information into a small space.

And the information from various in-game Tab-4 menus (such as Tab-4-6 "Objectives Remaining" or Tab-4-8 "Recon Photo Results") is in the same format.

So what does all the information mean? How do you decode it? How do you use it to be an effective pilot--and to have a good time flying?

The following summary is quite long, but it answers ALL of those questions. In addition, it covers almost all of the things you need to know to fly this campaign effectively, and answers many questions we hear from new (and veteran!) pilots.

Even if you don't have to time to read it all now--skim it quickly and bookmark for when you have questions or need the details.



Server Contact Plotting Table - RED
[[2021-07-05 02:39:02Z]] It's currently 3 September 1940, 0937 hours. Time remaining until end of operations: 07hr 28min

[[2021-07-05 02:39:02Z]] is the current (real) date and time in Zulu Time (ie, Greenwich Mean Time).

3 September 1940, 0937 hours is "Sim Time". Keep in mind the 113 Days of the BoB ran July 10th, 1940 to October 30th, 1940.

Players logged in: 4 Active: 3

BLUE session totals: 95.0 total points; 2.0/0.0/0.0/92.0 Air/AA/Naval/Ground points
RED session totals: 31.0 total points; 2.0/0.0/0.0/29.0 Air/AA/Naval/Ground points

This is the total kills this session for each side. So for BLUE, 2 air kills, 0 AA, 0 Naval, 92 Ground. Typically one point equals one "thing" killed. 2 Air kills is 2 aircraft, 2 AA is two flak guns, 2 naval is two ships. Ground is a bit different--when you bomb an aircraft hangar, for example, you might destroy or kill many things: Several aircraft, repair tools and stands, vehicles, and so on. So ground points tend to be much higher--because a solid bombing raid will destroy many, many more things than a few hundred rounds from a machine gun.

TIP: You can accrue many, many points as a bomber pilot, and/or by carrying & dropping bombs from a fighter/bomber.


Blue Objectives complete (92 points): - Hawkinge Airfield - Deal Local Radar - Propeller Repair Portsmouth - Diesel Storage Portsmouth - Liquid Oxygen Storage Portsmouth - Dover Royal Navy Operations Fuel - Portsmouth Torpedo Facility - Bulford Army Facility - Dover Ammo Dump - Dover Royal Navy HQ - British Armour @ Dover - Brookland Radar - Sandwich Radar - Littlestone Research Facility - Littlestone Bombers - Depth Charge Workshop Portsmouth - Portsmouth Large Military Manufacturing Area NE

Red Objectives complete (42 points): - Calais Wehrmacht Manufacturing Area - Radio Jamming Transmitter Boulogne - Boulogne Ethanol - Coquelles Freya Radar - Boulogne West Wehrmacht Manufacturing Area - Calais UBoot Repair - Abbeville Fuel - Oberstleutnant Hans Seidmann & Staff Motorcade

As each side destroys objectives, they are added to this list in order. This includes Primary Objectives and any other enemy objective destroyed. You can find info about potential objectives by flying recon missions; the recon results summary is below (or Tab-4-8).

NOTE: This includes only those objectives destroyed since last turning the map (ie, it is the list of objectives each side has destroyed that count towards that side turning the map).

NOTE: Each objective has its own independent timetable for repairs. Some are repaired after a few hours, others after a few days, others after a few weeks. So some objectives on the list above may be repaired and back in service already. Others may be destroyed but not on that list. This list's purpose is to let each side know their progress in carrying out the objectives needed to turn the map. If you want to know the CURRENT dead/alive status of any objective, take a look at the recon list.


>>> NOTE: Last scouted position/time shown. If recon areas are listed, those sectors need to be scouted.
>>> Scout the areas and take recon photos - Tab-4-9. HQ will then identify specific targets & details.
Recon area: AE1-AI6
AZ18.8.1 Boulogne Diesel (266651, 187088, 10) 6hr Level 3
BB21.5.8 Calais Gestapo Headquarters (284522, 216339, 3) 6hr Level 3
Recon area: AM3-AQ5
HQ has determined a number of key objectives you need to destroy in order to move your campaign forward. This list shows the remaining objectives needed to turn the map, and information about each objective that will help you in your mission to destroy it.

Looking at each bit of information given for each objective:

- AZ18.8.1: map sector of this objective, including double keypad location (a keypad divides the sector into 9 squares, numbered 1-9 like a telephone keypad)

- Boulogne Diesel: Objective name

- (266651, 187088, 10): Objective coordinate location. 266651, 187088 is the x,y map coordinate. You can enter this coordinate as a Knickebein point. The same coordinates are shown when you lick on the online map, and also in Full Mission Builder.

- 10) 10 is the altitude of this objective (10 meters altitude if you are flying Blue or 10 feet altitude if you are flying Red - its in the same unit you enter into your bomb site, whatever that is).

- 6hr - hours since last reconned.

- Level 3 - difficulty/importance level. Higher is harder and more credit towards turning the map.

- Recon area: AM3-AQ5 - This means someone needs to recon the rectangular block that has these sectors as opposite corners. To recon, you fly 20,000 ft/6500m or higher in an aircraft with no bombs. Take recon photos, Tab-4-9. Then land safely and stop. Your photos will be auto-processed; you'll receive a chat message. (Use chat command <record if they don't process for some reason--it forces processing).


Red has moved the campaign forward through its 31.0 total air/ground/naval victories! [THIS SESSION]
Blue has moved the campaign forward through its 95.0 total air/ground/naval victories! [THIS SESSION]
Red: 42 points destroying Mission Objectives! [SINCE THEY LAST TURNED THE MAP]
Blue: 92 points destroying Mission Objectives! [SINCE THEY LAST TURNED THE MAP]
Red: 3 aircraft lost [THIS SESSION]
Currently, Blue's campaign position is up 7 points. [THIS SESSION]

Red stands at +5,364 for the entire 113 Days campaign. [ENTIRE CAMPAIGN SO FAR]

This is a summary of campaign status as it stands now. Some items are related to the current session, some since each side last turned the map, and others for the overall campaign since Day 1 [SEE NOTES].


ATAG-Nerfty 2 Ju-88A-5
TWC_Motor 1 HurricaneMkIIc-Late

This is similar to the player list you see in-game with Netstats. Player name, army (1= Red, 2=Blue), and current aircraft.

Note: Please IGNORE in-game netstats as those stats are both incomplete and inaccurate. Use Tab-4-4-3 and other Tab-4 commands in-game to get stats, or the stats summary further down this page, and/or the TWC Stats Pages for more accurate stats details.


Sandwich Radar destroyed (0.5 days)
Brookland Radar destroyed (0.5 days)

Hawkinge Airfield 100%; last: 17hr50m (closed; 2.5 days)
Manston Fighters Airfield 9%; last: 11hr2m
Carquebut Airfield 17%; last: 2hr25m (0.5 days)

This area lists which radar and airports are damaged or out of commission. This is vital info--radar out of commission leaves a blank spot on your radar map near/in front of that radar. In-game radar reports (Tab-4-1) will also be missing information from these areas.

The only way to know what is going on in these radar outage areas is to patrol them--and knowing where pilots should be doing these regular patrols is one important piece of information you gain from this list.

Airports that are destroyed don't allow you to spawn in (though you can always R&R at any friendly airport shown on the map, even if you can't spawn in there.) This list will tell you which airports are closed, how badly they damaged, and the planned time of reopening.

- Sandwich Radar destroyed (0.5 days) - this radar is out of commission for another 0.5 days
- Hawkinge Airfield 100%; last: 17hr50m (closed; 2.5 days) Hawkinge Airfield is 100% destroy, last hit 17hr50min ago. It is closed and will reopen in 2.5 days (unless hit and damaged again!)


A DE PL TotalK RE Air/AA/Naval/Ground(/Penalty) (KgOnTarget) Name
B 00 00 002.97 00 02.97/00.00/00.00/00.00 Paddle
B 00 00 026.77 00 00.00/00.00/00.00/26.77 2,336kg JG-432 Red

A DE PL TotalK RE Air/AA/Naval/Ground(/Penalty) (KgOnTarget) Name
R 00 00 000.61 00 00.61/00.00/00.00/00.00 TWC_Dunkin
R 00 00 000.83 00 00.00/00.00/00.00/00.83 ATAG_Nerft

This is the TWC IMPROVED and ACCURATE Netstats listing.

Players are sorted by army--first Blue, then Red.

Here is what the column headers mean:

- A Army (Red or Blue)
- DE DEATHS this session. Note that bomber & multi-seat pilots can have multiple deaths per sortie, and/or one position dies but the other survives, allowing their career to continue
- PL Planes lost
- TotalK Total kills
- RE Number of objectives reconned (recon photos)
- Air/AA/Naval/Ground Air, antiaircraft/flak, naval/ship, and ground (bombing) targets killed
- (/Penalty) - If you bomb enemy civilian areas, friendly territory, or commit other war crimes you will be assigned penalty points.
These subtract from your career points and also negatively affect your side's overall score. They only show up occasionally.
- (KgOnTarget) - Pilots who have dropped bombs will have a KG total here - otherwise blank


>>>>Red Aircraft Destroyed or Lost This Session
SpitfireMkVbLate TWC_Dunkin 2021-07-05 00:35:38Z
BlenheimMkIV TWC_MMM 2021-07-05 01:02:01Z
HurricaneMkI 100oct 68th_facet 2021-07-05 01:09:12Z
HurricaneMkIIb ATAG_Nerft 2021-07-05 01:12:08Z

These are planes lost/destroyed this session, along with the pilot flying at the time. The date/time shown is real time (Zulu time).


Scouted Red Targets with Coordinates:
BA21.5.3 Coquelles Freya Radar (276566, 214150, 22) 4X, 6.0hr L4, 219%
AZ19.9.4 Radar AMBETEUSE (266788, 197956, 82) 3X, 6.0hr L4, 25%
BA20.2.5 Local Radar Marquise (274709, 201374, 185) 3X, 6.0hr L2
>>>Additional reconnaissance has determined that Generalfeldmarschall Sperrle and his staff are in sector BA19.5.8 near Local Radar Marquise
AZ14.8.5 Quend Plage Aufklärungs-Abteilung Lager (265255, 148357, 3)!!No longer there!! 2X, 6.0hr L5
AZ19.9.2!!moved!! Oberstleutnant Hans Seidmann & Staff Motorcade (268009, 197460, 30) 5X, 6.0hr L5
AA18.5.1 Poole South Royal Navy Port Area (13734, 183493, 0) 31.0hr L8

This is one of the most vital sections of the General Situation Map. It shows all the enemy objectives that have been revealed via reconnaissance missions. The listing has all of the information you need to successfully attack and destroy these objectives.

Among these objectives will be some Primary Objectives. These are, obviously, your priority. However, you can attack ANY of the objectives on the list and ALL damaged or destroyed objectives hurt the enemy in real ways.

The listing packs a lot of information into a small space. Here are explanations of the items shown:

- BA21.5.3 Map sector with double keypad location (explained above)
- (276566, 214150, 22) Map coordinates (x,y) and elevation of the target. Elevation here would be 22 feet for Red pilots or 22 meters for Blue.
- 4X, 6.0hr This objective has been reconned 4 times and was last reconned 6 hours ago. (This is important because some objectives are mobile. If they haven't been reconned in 48 hours they have probably moved since the last recon!) Number of recons is counted since the last time the map was turned.
- L4 Difficulty Level 4. Higher is harder, but more points/credit awarded for destruction.
- 219% The percentage destruction of this objective. Percentages 100% or more indicate the objective is destroyed--meaning that it is inoperative and counts towards your side's effort to turn the map. However, you can continue to hit the objective and it will garner higher destroyed percentages and also, stay destroyed/inoperative for longer.

If no percentage destroyed is shown, the objective is undamaged and fully functional.

NOTE!! Recon flights never discover all possible objectives in an area. Further recon flights in that same area will uncover even more objectives. And just because a given area has been reconned, don't assume you know all enemy objectives in that region.

NOTE 2!! Some objects are mobile and move day to day, others are commissioned or decommissioned over time. But . . . many, many objectives remain the same day to day. Airfields, buildings, factories--they don't move easily. If you save your own list of objectives, coordinates, and other information gleaned over time, it can be invaluable. For example--you may have info about potential objectives that recent recon flights have not rediscovered.

In the recon and objective lists, some key words in objective names give you clues about their nature or how to attack:

- mobile a mobile objective moves regularly, very day or two typically, but sometimes several times a day. Moves range from less than 1km to about 10km.
- area area objectives are ideal for high-altitude carpet bombing. With an area objective, you don't need to strike specific small points, objects, or buildings. You need to cover the area--typically a hundred to a few hundred meters in radius--with lots of tonnage.
- radar, airfields, fuel storage, fuel production, etc these objectives really do what they say, and if you destroy them they will stop. Radar will stop working, airfields will close, stored fuel will be lost, new fuel can't be produced, etc.

- !!No longer there!! Objectives come and go. The enemy might set up a temporary camp one day, and take it down the next day. An intelligence unit might be operating in an area one day, and gone the next. Many pilots have a hard time understanding this, but the enemy is canny and unpredictable. They'd prefer not to be continually strafed and bombed. They are trying their best to avoid you!

When recon has identify a unit, target, or objective, but then that unit or objective has moved out of the area or has been dismantled--temporarily or permanently--the recon report indicates this via !!No longer there!!

Don't look for this objective right now--it's not there! Maybe tomorrow or next week, it will be back. But for now, it's gone.

- !!moved!! Some objectives are mobile, meaning that they move periodically. These objectives generally have the word "mobile" in their name. Some move frequently (by small distances), every few hours. But most move once every day or two. Mobile objectives must be scouted regularly--otherwise the coordinates given may be stale. When !!moved!! is included in the recon report, it indicates that objective has moved since last scouted. The new location was accurate at the time of the scout photo, but if too much time has elapsed, perhaps the target will have moved again. It is, apparently, a mobile objective, after all. So the inclusion of !!moved!! in the recon report tells you to be aware of this objective's possible movement over time. By the time you get there, the objective may still be at this location--or if too many hours have passed, perhaps it has moved again. Regardless, we know that this objective must be scouted regularly to detect such moves.

If a mobile objective's recon is stale, you can still attack it! Most pilots do not realize this. Mobile objectives don't move randomly all over the map. They move a few kilometers, typically--perhaps as far as 10 km for each move, but often just 0.25, 0.5, 1 or 2km. So if your target recon is stale, you can still start with the last known location and execute a search pattern. Usually the target's flak batteries will reveal their location.

But if you don't have accurate map coordinates from recon, how will you target your cover bombers? This is the reason we have added new bomber/ground attack targeting modes (Tab-4-4-4-4-6). You can have your cover bombers target your first bomb drop location, or a flare location you drop to show the attack location.

Also, the cover aircraft can be set to target the closest ground target/object to the given flare point, bomb point, or knickebein point. This is a very effective targeting tactic.

- >>>Additional reconnaissance has determined that Generalfeldmarschall Sperrle and his staff are in sector BA19.5.8 near Local Radar Marquise One of the top generals of the enemy is on the battlefield--near one of the primary targets. At first you have just a vague idea of the General's location, but with additional recon flights the General's location is pinpointed with increasing accuracy. In this case, thanks to repeated recon flights, we have the exact sector and double keypad where the General and his staff are located.

Now you'd like to find the General and his party. Because if you can locate them, then fly directly above them, less than 100 meters AGL, and take a recon photo (Tab-4-9) we will gain some amazing intel about the enemy and their intentions.

In fact, we just might be able to determine ALL of the enemy's planned bombing raids for the next 24 hours--with their flight plans, times, and intended targets--if we could get our hands on that intel.

The mission is yours if you will accept it: Fly into enemy territory, locate the General--which isn't easy at all, it is a very small party with just a few vehicles--and gain the gratitude of your fellow pilots by photographing that important intelligence information.


>>>>Available aircraft for Red
#1 82 BeaufighterMkIF
#2 106 BeaufighterMkINF
#3 110 BeaufighterMkIF Late
#4 58 BeaufighterMkINF Late

When you enter an aircraft, you are using one of the available stock of that aircraft model. Stock of all aircraft models is limited. When you fly an aircraft and crash it, or it is shot down or otherwise destroyed, that aircraft is removed from stock. Now we have fewer aircraft to win the war!

Cover aircraft you lead on missions are also taken from available stock for that aircraft model. If you return them safely to friendly territory (dry land) and release them (Tab4-4-4-4-9) they are returned to stock. But if they are shot down or crash, those aircraft are lost.

This listing shows all aircraft models available for your side, and how many of each model remain in stock.

Tips & info for the aircraft supply system:

- Each day (end/restart of session), each side receives a resupply of aircraft.

- Upon turning the map (achieving all primary objectives), the winning side receives a much larger aircraft resupply. This is one of the major ways that turning the map helps you (they other major way--HQ sends expedited repair crews and destroyed objectives are repaired at double or triple time)

- If your General Production and Supply levels are low (because those vital factories, production areas, storage, transportation, etc have been destroyed, see xeplanation above) then your side's aircraft resupply will be lower. All in good shape? Your resupply will be higher.

- Higher-performing aircraft were generally more difficult to produce and production/supply was lower. So also in the server. There will not be too many of the highest performance aircraft. Use them wisely.

- If you're a lower skilled pilot, please choose aircraft that are plentiful - if you destroy some, it will hurt your side only a little. But if there are (say) 4 remaining in stock of some high performance fighter, and you crash them all just trying to get in the air, your CO and teammates will (rightly!) by very angry and upset.

- If you return your aircraft damaged, you will receive a message indicating how many hours repair is required before that aircraft is returned to stock. Try your best to fly back to a friendly airport--as close as you can get!--and keep our aircraft in one piece even if it is damaged. These planes can be saved. If you must crash-land at an airport, fly as best you can to land gently at a low airspeed (100mph/160kph or slower at touchdown). If you can do that, you and your valuable aircraft have a much better chance of surviving.

- If you crash land, land in water, land on enemy soil (and are unable to take off again), or land away from an airport, your plane is lost and supply reduced.

- Cover aircraft come from the same stock. However, aircraft are available for cover duty only if the stock is high enough. Currently this is set to 25 aircraft--fewer than that, and that model is no longer available as a cover aircraft.

- For cover aircraft, look for models that are unavailable or less popular among live pilots. For example, Blenheim I (red) and Do-17Z-2 (blue) are both fine bombers--and don't have player-flyable models. These are great cover bombers, and usually plentiful.

- For cover fighters, Bf-110C-2 (blue) and Blenheim IF/INF are excellent cover aircraft that are less popular with live pilots. Several other similar fighters & bombers make for good cover aircraft. But please DO NOT choose the most popular and high-performing fighters/bombers as your cover aircraft. Your teammates will hate you.



[[00:44Z]] >>>RED BOMBER SORTIE @ AP19.8/A1 to BC22.4/A16 targeting Pionier-Bataillon Mobiles Armeelager BA17.7/A2 (8xHurricaneMkI_FB) [[PRIMARY]] [[Leaked!]]
[[00:52Z]] >>>RED BOMBER SORTIE @ AP20.3/A1 to AS21.2/A13 targeting Pontoise/Cormeilles BC<.9/A13
(4xBlenheimMkIV) [[PRIMARY]]
[[01:17Z]] >>>BLUE BOMBER SORTIE @ AZ12.9/4.0k to AD23.4/5.5k targeting RAF Staff Motorcade AX24.6/5.5k (6xDo-215B-1) [[PRIMARY]] [[Leaked!]]
[[01:37Z]] >>>RED BOMBER SORTIE @ AP19.8/A1 to BD18.6/A17 targeting Beaumont_Le_Roger Airfield AT1.3/A2 (8xHurricaneMkI_FB)

Finally, the summary of AI bomber missions. This is one of the most important sections of the General Situation Map--and listed last so that you can find it quickly and easily.

This lists all friendly AI bomber sorties plus a few select enemy bomber sorties (info obtained through intelligence).

You can use this information to determine the best and most effective strategy and actions you and our teammates can take. Should you fly cover for an important friendly bomber squadron? Or defend your territory against an enemy strike against a vital target? Or should you organize your own bomber strike to finish off targets other squadrons are not targeting?

Note that this same information is given in-game via your HUD display and chat window. But usually it is far easier to sort through the information using this listing.

Normally you will want to open one General Situation Map to this listing, and another browser window to the General Situation Map, but focused on the radar map. You can then plot the course of bomber squadrons of interest (use colored ground beacons to plot their course; mark the squadron with the same color air beacon so you can easily track them, use the select interceptor/start point/end point course calculator to estimate flight time for each leg).

Explanation of information:

- [[00:44Z]] Hour:minute the sortie departed in Zulu time (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/zulu) (real time/clock time). Knowing the departure time and using the waypoints given, you figure how long until the sortie reaches the target (use the online radar map to determine travel time--use selector interceptorr/start point/end point buttons on aircraft and ground points). Now you know when to depart on your intercept or cover mission.

- RED BOMBER SORTIE @ AP19.8/A1 This sortie is starting at map sector AP19 at altitude Angels 1. (For Blue squadrons, the altitude is given in kilometers.)

- to BC22.4/A16 The bomber group is planning to proceed from there to sector BC22, altitude Angels 16. Note that there may be some waypoints in between these first two--the course is not always straight.

- targeting Pionier-Bataillon Mobiles Armeelager BA17.7/A2 The objective is given, along with the objective sector and altitude the squadron is planning to use for their attack. Generally, the squadron will proceed directly from the last point to the objective point--unless attacked or disturbed.

- Pontoise/Cormeilles BC<.9/A13 Sectors that exceed the map gride show up with symbols like <. Pontoise/Cormeilles airfield is just off the map grid, a few meters to the south of sector BC01. Pilots who fly too far off the map are penalized--but you have a margin of safety and, for example, it would be possible to successfully attack Pontoise/Cormeilles if you are careful and do not fly too far south of it. (Note that sectors are generated via an internal Blitz/Tobruk function and the < symbol is returned by that function.)

- (4xBlenheimMkIV) The type and number in the bomber squadron is known if you are friendly, or determined via intelligence for enemy. This helps you decide which threats are major or minor, and also to identify on the radar readouts or online map, which squadron is the one you are seeking. Note that aircraft counts via radar were approximate. They could get pretty close--on radar readouts & the online map, you will usually see that they are right one or perhaps one off. So 4xBlenheims might show up as 3B, 4B, or 5B (B=bomber). Sometimes radar returns are unsure of the aircraft type, so you might see 3U, 4U, or 5U (U=unknown type).

- [[PRIMARY]] PRIMARY is indicated to help you prioritize missions. A mission attacking a Primary Objective is like to more important to either assist or defend against. Any objective that is destroyed helps your cause (or hurts it, if the enemy destroys your objective). But Primary Objectives carry more weight, as a rule.

- [[Leaked!]] This is possibly the most important piece of information. if your own important raid on a Primary Objective is [[Leaked!]], then the enemy knowns about that raid, knows how important it is, and will definitely but trying to stop that raid. So you'd better get on the stick and defend it, if it is a big raid on a vital objective!

On the other hand, if you see a big enemy raid that is [[LEAKED!]]coming towards an important objective on your side, that means your intelligence operatives have risked their lives obtaining this information so that you can act on it! Unfortunately, the enemy knows about the intelligence leak, so they'll be defending heavily.

You'd better round up all your pilot friends and attack this enemy formation--on the double!

That's it! Join the server (http://twcpilots.com/English%20Campaign.html), join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/hwW8y9Y) or Teamspeak (ts3server:// (look for TWC Campaign section), join the TWC Campaign private forum on the ATAG forums (https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum) (PM ATAG_Snapper to admit you to the private forum) and let's get flying!

Jul-06-2021, 04:37
Leading up to the Saturday, July 10th launch of the TWC 113 Days Campaign (http://twcpilots.com/English%20Campaign.html), I've been tracking down last-minute bugs & making final tweaks.

Here are three pretty important updates:

#1. Radar passwords are now changed. However, [NEW!] you can ALWAYS get the radar password for your side, along with instructions for connecting, via Tab-4-4-4-9 or chat command<radarpw

- As always, PLEASE keep your side's password secret and only disclose to teammates flying your same side. The 113 Days Server is designed around a lot of secrets, on both sides, and if the other side can just peek and find them all out, it ruins the fun.

#2. Aircraft availability is beefed up at many airports, particularly for Blues. In particular the new Tomahawk, Kitty Hawk, Macchis, Wellingtons, JU-88s, etc should all be pretty widely available.

- If you have a specific airport that is missing specific aircraft that you would like to see, let me know & I'll try to fix it. I ran through every one of them this past weekend, but there are over 100 spawn points now, all over the map, and it's not so easy to notice that one particular aircraft is missing in one or two particular spots.

#3. A COOL and BRAND-NEW feature: You can <pickup and <deliver to fly repair materials from far points on the map and help airports and radar facilities to be repaired faster!

You pick up materials in specific airports (chat command <pick up), fly across the map to the damaged objective, and then either land (airport repairs) or fly low over head and drop the repair materials (chat command <deliver).

Full instructions and details via chat command <phelp

#4. With some recent tweaks/bugfixes the new Military Readiness summaries really seem to be working well.

Red Military is at 97%
Red Military Leadership is at 95%
Red Military Fuel Supply is at 92%
Red General Production And Supply is at 98%

Blue Military is at 96%
Blue Military Leadership is at 97%
Blue Military Fuel Supply is at 94%
Blue General Production And Supply is at 97%

You can go in, make a few successful attacks, and really see how it has affected the other side--keeping in mind there are real consequences for the enemy when those readiness numbers start to slip.

More info about the campaign at the (private) TWC Campaign channels on the ATAG forums. (https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=150) PM ATAG_Snapper for access - indicate whether you're joining Red or Blue side.