View Full Version : Anyone ever had this problem?

Mar-02-2013, 20:51
All graphics look fine until I look at the cockpit. Only thing that stands out is the blemmy and a gunsight issue on a 109.

I've seen this before, but just can't remember the fix.

Any suggestions?

Things I've tried:

-Made sure .Net was up to date
-verified game files
-verified all the graphics etc., through the redist folder of IL2COD
-drank some whiskey

Nothing seems to help!

Mar-02-2013, 20:53
No idea

Mar-02-2013, 21:05
Yep I have.

Mar-02-2013, 21:06
I think it might be to do with meshshowlod or something along those lines, something with the word "lod" in anyway :D

Mar-02-2013, 21:22
Only experienced on early CLOD versions, on patch 1 or 2, cant remember. It seemed a slowdown on loading textures. It was corrected on most recent patches.

Mar-02-2013, 21:48
Deleted the entire conf.ini and let the the sim build a new one. Same problem. I guess it's time to re-install the whole thing again.

Edit: That didn't fix it, but deleting the conf.ini from steam and documents did :)

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Mar-03-2013, 03:17
Yeah I get that a lot. It's because you have got your distance glasses on when you needed to wear the bifocals :P