View Full Version : Raid to France in a Hurri Bomber Hurricane IIb CloD VR

Nov-24-2022, 00:52
Yet another J-Hat VR video from the Work-In-Progress beta of our upcoming free Virtual Reality Visual Update for IL-2 Sturmovik Blitz and Blitz + Desert Wings Tobruk.

J-Hat takes us into Occupied France in his Hurricane llb on a very action-packed ground attack mission strafing enemy airfields!


Nov-24-2022, 02:17
Too bad I wasn't up in my 109...I could have given you guys a victory... LOL :flying2: :salute:

Nov-24-2022, 05:31
It seems that terrain shadowed by clouds are too dark. It is good visible in compare too cockpit that is not so much darkened.


Nov-24-2022, 13:16
Shadows cast by TrueSKY clouds are a WIP.

Nov-25-2022, 00:54
When flying the Beta in 2D, what amazed me even more than the clouds themselves, was to fly unexpectedly through cloud shadow.
First thought: "Wah, Somebody shot me!"
Second thought: "Waahhh! My monitor is broken!"
Third thought: "Oh my goodness, this is cloud shadow! How cool is that?"

A real step up in immersion.