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92 Sqn. Philstyle (QJ-P)
Mar-18-2013, 11:48
Hi all,

I know this was raised on another thread, but I cannot find it now, and I don't recall if it was resovled. When I review .trk files, I get the ugly circular smoke textures that pop off. This is especially ugly in slow-motion capture, or still screenshots. I don't have a screen-shot of this to hand right now, but can post some later to help illustrate (literally) what I'm describing.

Does anyone recall if a "fix" was proposed for this? Is it a video-options thing, or is it unresovable at this stage?


Mar-18-2013, 12:15
I think this was the thread: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3674&highlight=oersted

No resolution listed yet.

92 Sqn. Philstyle (QJ-P)
Mar-18-2013, 13:19
thanks MadMacs

Mar-18-2013, 18:58
The best and quickest solution would be to unlock the views in ATAG server online tracks. The problem only appears in "reformatted" tracks, and not in tracks that are unchanged from the moment they're captured. But since the unchanged tracks only give us the in-cockpit view they are not very useful for making movies.

I don't know why the ATAG online tracks need to be locked to the in-cockpit view. I mean, nobody could possibly get a competitive advantage from reviewing tracks "on-the-fly" as missions progress, I would think. The tactical situation is so fluid and quick-changing that any info from looking through a track will be pretty much obsolete by the time you jump into the server again. And with the Track Editor it will only take a minute or so more anyway.

So: make life much easier for us movie-making fellows and gain a lot of PR (via great movies) by simply unlocking the online tracks! That's my suggestion.